My newest cowl pattern, Nieve, is a double knit design, with tutorials for casting on, binding off and double knitting. The instructions include modification notes for making the cowl both longer and wider, and includes yarn estimates for each modification.

Nieve_52 Nieve_48

If you don't tend to have a lot of success with colorwork, you might really appreciate the benefits of double knitting. Yes, it's thicker and takes longer to work than a single layer, but there are no long floats to wrap or keep loose for proper tension. The end fabric is so much more elastic and reversible as well.


Worked in worsted weight yarn, this is a reasonably fast project, and takes only one skein of each yarn.

The pattern is 4 pages long, plus a cover. The motif is charted and the cast on and double knitting instruction include step by step photos.

Want to find out more? Check out my pattern page, or visit the ravelry shop page.

Obligatory tortured dogs shot


Coming soon


The skies have opened up and we're having a perfectly Oregonian kind of day, so I can't get any proper pattern shots, but here's a little sneak preview of something in the works; a double knit cowl in some Berroco Vintage

Double Knit Cowl_14_cropped

Thea's on the fence but I think the color suits her.

Thea was born sometime around today-ish, six years ago. She was a challenging puppy, fond of destroying stuff, and indifferent to even the sternest voices. She was cute though.


But now she's all grown up, mellowing out and a real love monkey. She's gentle with her older sister, but rough houses with her little brother and always, ALWAYS snuggles next to me at night.

And she's still cute, in a ridiculous sort of way..


Happy birthday to my little monkey butt.

Oh and happy birthday to my brother too. I guess he's ok.

Can we grep about Photoshop

This is sort of a strange blog post as it's not really knitting related, has no puppies and addresses an obscure problem that most people will never have, but I'm of the mind that if I know how to fix a problem I've had, there's bound to be someone else out there with the same problem so I might as well share.

Our website's online ordering application accesses files stored in a series of folders. Within the folders, all the naming conventions are the same. The folders themselves are all numbered, though not sequentially. We had 1000 folders and within each folder is an image called, "sample.jpg" and each of those images is a preview of the product being sold, so they are all different. We wanted to open all those files and use Photoshop's Save for Web function to optimize them. However, Save For Web doesn't remember the image's source folder. It remembers the last place Save For Web saved to, which means if you were to batch process the images, each would overwrite the last in some common folder. Even if we numbered the images, sequentially, they wouldn't match up with their folder number since the numbers all jump around. Any solution I could think of ended up being pretty labor intensive with plenty of chance for error.

I posted on the Adobe Forums and got bupkis.

I figured I had nothing to lose and posted on Facebook. A few hours later, a friend in Australia had a solution for me.

I decided to do up more detailed instructions, suitable for someone who has never worked with unix, grep, or scripting before. You can download the instructions and sample files from this page. Please note that these are Mac specific instructions. Pretty much everything should translate to some sort of PC equivalent, but I'm not the person to help you sort that out.

I could see this being handy for anyone who has a lot of image files on their site that they might want to resize or optimize, quickly.

If you think any of this would be useful, feel free to download the files and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any tips, corrections or suggestions.

Blustery and a coupon

Winters in Oregon are gray and rainy and I love them. They are downright tropical compared to the bitter winters of my childhood in New Hampshire, yet cozier and more knitting friendly than the mild winters of Los Angeles. But I'll admit, I need a little brightness after weeks of dark skies and short days and I find myself drawn to beautifully dyed yarns as an antidote. I picked up a couple of skeins of Madalinetosh sock yarn in a shocking yellow-green that I'd normally pass over during the more colorful months, but which suited my mood so well in the gloom. In no time, I had my newest design, Blustery, a hat and cowl offered together or at a discounted rate as a set.

Find out more here and on Ravelry.

Is it cookie time yet?

If you are interested in this, or any of the other patterns I sell in my ravelry store, I'm offering a coupon code good through the end of the year for 10% off of all your purchases. Use this code as many times as you like both for purchases for yourself and gift purchases for other knitters.


Make sure you use the coupon code option before you check out.

coupon code.jpg

And, of course, if you have any problems with the code or any questions about the patterns, don't hesitate to let me know.

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