The roving is safe


You can all rest easily. I did not run out of candy. The supply of roving has not been depleted and even our jack-o-lantern is still whole (albeit a smidge withered)

Being the frigid evening that it was, we thought it best to light a big ol' fire instead of relying on our heating system. If we hadn’t we know that every time we opened the door, we'd be channeling our inner crotchety old man and worrying about "heating the whole neighborhood". So down went the thermostat and up when the kindling.

The trick-or-treaters were few and far between but so adorable and polite!

Faces blurred to protect the adorable

At the end of the night, we still had a full bowl and a half of candy, which Leo has been slowly funneling to his colleagues. If you aren't much for networking, this is a great way to earn brownie points.

Unbloggable knitting is still full steam ahead but when I can't be entirely focused on knitting, I have granted myself a little bit of time to spin. This is the beautiful Merino/Viscose roving I got from Janel, in colorway, "Autumn."

If your heart didn't just skip a beat, you may want to check your pulse.

Just not right


This is the weather forecast in my neighborhood. Tonight they are expecting it to get down to 29ºF, just in time for Halloween. But you know what's so very wrong? The next nine days won't drop below 39ºF! What sort of sick and twisted turn of fate is that?

Having grown up in NH, I know what it's like to ponder the benefits of bundling up against the complete loss of continuity in one's costume. Freeze and look "just right" or bundle up and have nothing but a tiara to show for your princess costume. Do princesses wear moon boots?

Even as I write this, I worry more for our supply of candy than I do for the health and well being of the children. I'm in a new neighborhood, full off little single family houses. Will I have enough candy? What if there's a line of kids outside my door and I run out? Will the kids accept roving instead? Can I really part with roving for a bunch of greedy kids in pirate costumes? Only time will tell, I suppose.

For now, I have to remember not to graze upon the candy I do have.

Saving up for a Wooly Winder


Note: If you tried purchasing before and couldn't, I am sorry. I think I've fixed the issue. Thank you!

Yup, I want me a Wooly Winder for El Matchador and I've decided that with unemployment looming in my future, I should approach this acquisition with some forethought. Wow, I sound almost like a grown up (let us not speak of the impulsive way in which El Matchador was procured).

One way I hope to save up my pennies is by selling my silly little Sculpey creations. I know, I'm no Amyville, nor am I trying to be. She is in a class of her own. But if any of those little guys appeal to you, including my newest addition, the Itty Bitty Sheepy Beads:

Then head on over to the For Sale page.

First carved pumpkin


Leo has never carved a pumpkin or had roasted pumpkin seeds before. Who knew? So last night, I sketched out a design and Leo used his brawn and patience to produce this:

Isn't he great?

And the pumpkin seeds? That's my department.

Roasted in a little butter and olive oils with salt, pepper and onion powder.

Meanwhile, I've been doing a little spinning. I haven't mentioned much about it recently, partly because El Matchador and I have had a couple ugly moment recently. There were some tension issues.
Let's be honest, these issues were my fault and I'm a big enough person to admit it. Wheels just weren't meant to spin with a mercerized cotton drive band. When I switched to a synthetic one that I had picked up a few weeks ago, it was as though the heavens opened up and angels began to sing. Another "oh duh!" moment for Marnie.

I haven't even calculated how much yardage I have here but it's a Merino/Tencel blend in a colorway called Sandstone. I bought it at Carolina Homespun, while on my road trip to Oregon. It's relatively fine, maybe a sport weight overall.

And here it is with my unblogable work, basking in a sun beam with Panda.



I feel like I haven't had much in the way of craftiness to offer you guys lately. That probably won't change much in the next couple of weeks. I'm knee deep in unbloggable stuff and even El Matchador is feeling the slight. I do, however, have some Panda cuteness and Pacific Northwest autumnal beauty. If that sounds interesting to you, keep-a-scrolling!

Sunday, we decided that Panda was well overdue for some running around and chasing the "squirrel". We didn't make it as far as the beach, just over to the same park we visited, not so very long ago.

It was a gorgeous day, mild, sunny, perfect for wearing out a high energy dog.

That toy got a nice coating of slobber.

Once Panda was exhausted (or at least in need of a break,) I took to wandering around the park and snapping pictures. I could fill this blog with the pictures I took. There are pear trees, apple trees, berries of all sorts, all just growing in a tiny little park tucked away in Portland.

There's a colorway in here somewhere.

As we were heading back home, Leo and I decided that maybe we should take advantage of the beautiful day and do some sight seeing. Since it was relatively warm and Panda was a bit tuckered out, we decided to drop her off at home.

From there, we just took off.

In the areas we drove around, yellow and a touch of red really dominate the autumn colors. I don't recall seeing much orange at all. This part of Oregon is greener than I recall New Hampshire being, when I lived there, and it's definitely warmer.


Aww, those pumpkins look so delicious pretty.

And since it is a lovely October day, we had to stop by a pumpkin patch. While I love those vivid orange pumpkins, we got ourselves a classic one. The plan? We'll carve him up, rip out his guts and bake up the seeds, Then we'll stick a burning flame in him, set him out for the kids to gawk at and, Leo plans to smash him after Halloween. Somehow, it all seemed less violent when we originally discussed the idea.



All of this, within an hour's drive from our humble little home. We were back before Panda finished her nap.

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