Blustery and a coupon

Winters in Oregon are gray and rainy and I love them. They are downright tropical compared to the bitter winters of my childhood in New Hampshire, yet cozier and more knitting friendly than the mild winters of Los Angeles. But I'll admit, I need a little brightness after weeks of dark skies and short days and I find myself drawn to beautifully dyed yarns as an antidote. I picked up a couple of skeins of Madalinetosh sock yarn in a shocking yellow-green that I'd normally pass over during the more colorful months, but which suited my mood so well in the gloom. In no time, I had my newest design, Blustery, a hat and cowl offered together or at a discounted rate as a set.

Find out more here and on Ravelry.

Is it cookie time yet?

If you are interested in this, or any of the other patterns I sell in my ravelry store, I'm offering a coupon code good through the end of the year for 10% off of all your purchases. Use this code as many times as you like both for purchases for yourself and gift purchases for other knitters.


Make sure you use the coupon code option before you check out.

coupon code.jpg

And, of course, if you have any problems with the code or any questions about the patterns, don't hesitate to let me know.

Non-fatal red shirt


We all know that in the first Star Trek series, wearing a red shirt, especially if you were a person of color, was a pretty fatal proposition. Don't leave the ship, unnamed security officer, just don't.

But then came The Next Generation. The prime directive stayed the same but the red shirt got a serious upgrade.


Riker was making it work, too.

I've never claimed to be a true sci-fi nerd (whatever that means,) but I was a huge fan of TNG, so when I was assigned some rich red yarn for my Winter 2012 Twist Collective project I didn't need a holodeck to picture my favorite starfleet captain. For sure, I wasn't going to mimic the color blocking and shoulder pads, but I loved the angular lines and slim fit. It had to be something wearable and practical and flattering, all at once.

And so was born Picard.

Photo Copyright Carrie Bostick Hoge

Picard is a top-down seamless raglan with short row shaping around the neck. This construction makes it really easy to modify the garment as you go, especially if you are a little tight on yarn. Once you get going, the stitch pattern is easy to memorize and flows smoothly into the hem ribbing. A little detailing on each sleeve cuff brings it all together.


I finished the garment with buttons, but this would be a great design for a separating two-way zipper or even hook and eye, if you prefer.

If you like this pattern, you can view the magazine page here, the shop page here, and the ravelry page here.

And if you want some reading to pair with your TNG themed knitting, be sure to check out this blog.

Happy Halloween


To my friends, family and readers who are dealing with hurricane Sandy, please stay safe, dry and warm. And to everyone, have a happy Halloween.

Wildfred Leo and I will be confusing our dogs and neighbors in our toasty warm costumes.

Leo and Marnie as Wilfred and Bear_01 Leo and Marnie as Wilfred and Bear_06

I suspect most trick-or-treaters will be coming via car since we have rain aplenty, but I'm predicting a surplus of candy rations, at the end of the night, despite our ongoing quality control checks of our stockpile.

Arctium KAL


The good folks at Shalimar Yarns are planning to do a knit-along for Arctium, in early November. Sign up for their newsletter and they'll be sending out more details and a special coupon, good through the end of the year, for a dollar off the pattern price. Sign up for the newsletter in the footer of their website.

You can see some of their other in-progress KALs and get to know the folks behind the yarn, over in their Ravelry group. I'll be there, answering questions, and encouraging everyone along. I would love to see you all there.

If you are interested in buying some of their yarn for the project (or any other project), a full list of their retailers are here including web retailers, at the bottom.



I have a new pattern, Arctium, a lacy crescent shawl shown in two different fingering weight sock yarns. The pattern is worked from the top-down, in one continuous piece, using a true lace, pattern that has pattern stitches on both right and wrong side rows. Don't be intimidated, though, there are only a couple of stitches you need to know, and every charted page, has a key on it, so you won't be flipping back and forth to remember which stitch is what.



The pattern is 6 pages, plus a cover, with large charts, a schematic, and a detailed blocking guide to ensure you get great results. I even include some tips for making the shawl larger, if you'd like.



As you can see, even though they are each made with a single skein of fingering weight yarn, these shawls weigh a million pounds, though most of that weight is shame felt only by pets. Actual weight and yardage is supplied on both the ravelry page and in the pattern.

IMG_3285 IMG_3292

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