Adios 2005


Matt and his girlfriend left town yesterday after a fun filled weekend of eating, partying and eating some more. We also did a bit of snacking between meals. I'm not sure if meeting Leo and me completely doomed Matt's relationship with Jess but if that didn't, perhaps seeing Matt do karaoke did.

Because I'm a loving and good sister, I recorded said karaoke for all the world to enjoy. Do you have Quicktime? If so, click on one of the links below


Don't forget to crank those speakers.
This was about a half hour before midnight on New Year's Eve. We went down to Santa Monica where we found a bar full of happy people enjoying some of the flat out worst karaoke I've had the opportunity to experience.

More pics from the weekend, after the bump.

Quick Update on the Purple Stuff


I spun a bit more of my new purple roving and plied it. I thought you might like a pre-wash shot of it in all its glory. The shades came together in a striking tweed-like way. It's even better than I could have hoped.

A bit more after the bump

He's done good


My brother and his girlfriend are in town visiting. We haven't seen too much of each other because of scheduling conflicts, but we've seen enough to swap gifts. Matt got some Hooray For Me Gloves and Jess got the Dragon Hoodie for her little girl.

But they came bearing gifts for us. So sweet. Jess brought us a huge basket of gourmet yummies, many of which Leo and I have already consumed, partially or fully. She even brought Miss Panda some cookies. And Matt, a man who referred to my knitting as "sewing" at one point, got me this.

It's about 11 oz of beautiful purple merino/silk roving. It's soft as a bunny a stunning color. The image isn't a perfect representation, the color is really a pretty deep purple with shades of burgundy, lilac and everything in between. He got the roving from Shuttles Spindles and Skeins in Boulder Colorado. I love it. It's so sweet that he walked into a fiber shop, looked for the perfect roving and came back with something so great.

That spindle shows what I've spun this morning. It's working up very nicely. The color becomes richer and the various other shades sparkle through.

Spots make the dragon


I had enough time to make a few spots for the little Dragon Hoodie, before the gift was due to be received. I really like how they look in front.

The back of the sweater, and notes on this version of the pattern, after the bump.

More Dragon Hoodie


Well, I took the comments to heart and I decided two things,

  1. You need a view of the back of the Dragon Hoodie Thanks Julia

  2. The sweater needs spots

Here's the back. The spine is crocheted, though a person who can't crochet could certainly do some garter stitch points instead. It's very soft so it just flops to one side when baby lies on it.

And here's what I think I want to do for spots. Instead of patches, like the original has, I'm doing bobbles. I used Nicky Epstein's Knitted Embellishments as a reference for the technique. I think it'll be cute and much faster than trying to get full sized spots knit before this afternoon when the recipient's mom arrives.

I'll, of course, have a final picture for you when it's done.

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