Theano and Zosia


The new Twist Collective is live. I know I say it every season and I mean it, I am honored and humbled to be a part of such an amazing magazine.

My two patterns this season are


And Zosia

As always, I'll talk more about the designs in a follow-up post. For now, go see everything in this beautiful edition, including all the amazing articles.

So how do the pups get along?


Fine, just fine.

When the people are away


When we aren't home, we set up motion sensitive cameras around the house that automatically save photos, whenever there is movement, to a server. Leo also gets a message on his phone and can view the photos remotely. On the off chance something horrible happens while we aren't home, we'd have a heads up and loads of pictures to reference. Good stuff.

The Doodle-boy has been getting into a fair bit of trouble lately so we decided to train one of the cameras on the kitchen.

Yah, he's looking for trouble. I guess we've gotten good at securing the provisions in the kitchen. As you can see, he turned up empty handed in his investigation.

Confident that we had thwarted D-dog's attempts at mischief, we returned home to unload our groceries, the smell of hubris wafting about us. We opened the door and the mud room was littered with blue and white confetti, the tattered remains of one of these:

Found here.

It once held 6 pounds of senior formula dog food we'd just bought for Panda. It now held about 1.5 pounds of slightly slobbered upon kibble.

Darwin tried to jump up to say "hi" to us but he was carrying some extra balast and wasn't as spry as he normally is. Thea was groaning, waddling slowly through the house, too uncomfortable to lie down but not much more comfortable standing up. Panda refused to come out of the bedroom, though her bloated belly suggested she hadn't been a mere bystandard, this time.

It's about 4 hours later and if Darwin had a watch, he'd be tapping it and asking us where dinner is. That boy is a handfull.

I'll tell you this, though, there's no risk of my becoming a dog hoarder any time soon.

You are what you eat


You are what you eat

Alternatively title: Karma's a b**ch.

You are what you eat

My guess is he still thinks it was worth it.

Lesson learned

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Yesterday, I roasted a 5.5 pound chicken.


Leo had a drumstick and I had a little piece of the breast. It was too hot to put in the fridge so I tucked it far back on the counter while we ran a quick errand.

In particular, I picked up some tortillas, salsa, avocado and cheese to make some roasted chicken soft tacos for dinner. Sounds nice, huh?

I can only imagine how this all went down. The little guy must have leaped 4 feet off the ground, snapping as far into the counter as he could, until he got ahold of the dish the chicken was on. The dish was on the floor. The garlic cloves that were in the cavity were everywhere. There was a small piece of breast left and the boy had it in his mouth, a couple discarded ribs littered the floor and pretty much nothing else. D-dog looked pregnant and absolutely as happy with life as an overstuffed dog could be. Panda was hiding in another room and Thea was licking the grease off the floor.

To top it all off, the boy piddled all over the living room, later that evening and Leo had to get up 3 times to let him out, during the night.

Dogs are fricken awesome.

He's feeling fine today.

the culprit 03

The moral of the story? Darwin may look small but there is no spot in the kitchen that he can't reach if the smells are good enough. Also, it's impossible for me to stay mad at a cute dog.

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