Wedding Weekend



I can't thank you all enough for the kind words and congratulations. We really kept this whole thing entirely secret and I still have close friends and family to contact and let them know we got hitched. We wanted to make sure that no one felt obligated to travel or buy gifts or put themselves out. The relationship is for love but the wedding was, in many ways, just a formality for legal and insurance purposes.

Wedding Weekend at Cannon Beach
1. Fetch by Haystack Rock, 2. Delicious Wine, 3. Panda and Thea assess the view, 4. Dad's tie, 5. Groom and Witness's shoes, 6. Feeding the bird, 7. The start of a muddy hike, 8. Post hike shoe cleaning, 9. Rainbow, 10. Sunset play time, 11. Spoiled dogs are spoiled, 12. Thea is a crazy monkey, 13. My sweet old lady
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Despite our general resistance to the idea of getting married on principal alone, we figured that if we were going to do it, we might as well keep it fun and stress free. My mom officiated and gifted me the beautiful dress I wore, which I got at a local store who makes all their dresses by hand from imported Thai silk.

We bought our beautiful rings from Fabuluster. They send impression kits to you and make the rings from your actual finger prints. Leo wears my print and I wear his. We had a bit of fun with it and did impressions of our middle fingers; a little inside joke about our general reluctance to marry and our tendency to take nothing too seriously, if possible.


My dad, who gave me away, also gifted us professional photography for the ceremony (pictures to come in a month or so). I also wore the first gift he ever gave my mom, a lovely pair of heart-shaped earrings.

My brother and his girlfriend witnessed and offered general morale support. It was sheer coincidence that my brother and the groom wore the same shoes.

Our biggest splurge, though, was our stay at a lovely, dog friendly beachside hotel. Since we normally stay in cheap motels or camp in our car, when we travel with the pups, this was a real extravagance for the four of us. Being able to go for our walks on the beach, at the drop of a hat, was such a delight and the dogs couldn't have been happier. They've been downright mellow since we've returned.

I can't wait to see how the photos come out. I think there'll be a few lovely mementos to mark the day. But even if I am making dork-face in every shot, I'll still look back on the weekend as a lovely time spent with my very closest family and a wonderful memory amongst the many that Leo and I already share.

Oh and since a few have asked, the pups were in attendance but no, I did not dress them up. We're crazy dog people but we aren't THAT crazy.

Knot tying



We nearly eloped, but not quite eloped because my mom presided, my dad gave me away, my brother and his girlfriend witnessed and our dogs were flower girls, in that they were nearby and shed a lot.

Styling Dulce de Leche


Dulce de Leche is a henley inspired shirt with feminine detailing. This piece could be equally comfortable grocery shopping or out on a date, but when I think about wearing this piece, I imagine cool ocean breezes on a hot day and the sun beating down on me.

Someone recently lamented the return of palazzo pants. Frankly, I refuse to acknowledge that they were ever out of style, but I also won't rule out the viability of a kaftan in the right situation, so call me Mrs Roper and get off my lawn, you whipper snappers.


Paired with soft muted palazzo pants, sweet floral flats and a large brimmed sun hat, I think Dulce de Leche can be carefree and comfortable while remaining flattering and feminine. Accessories are chosen for their bright colors in different hues but a similar intensity to the pullover. The only thing missing from this resort getaway look is a comfortable chaise and that guilty pleasure book you don't want to be seen reading in public.

Styling Bijou


Bijou, with its delicate lace, slightly ruffled sleeves and fitted body darts, is sweet by nature so when I imagine styling this, I am inclined to play with expectation.

A pleated chiffon skirt is an obvious accompaniment to this dainty design, but black leather accents and shocking yellow detailing give the look edge. The black chiffon caplet bridges the divide between the extremes.

Lose the accessories and choose a simpler shoe for the office or daytime event, or break out the black eyeliner and your favorite up-do to make this a stunning evening look. As with almost any sweater, though, this piece is easily at home paired with jeans and thrown over a comfortable tank. I think, with a little creativity, this special piece could get plenty of regular use.

Styling Dietrich


The asymmetrical brim on Dietrich adds a little unexpected twist to a classic hat shape. The warm felted merino is soft enough to wear against the skin and great for keeping out those cold gusts of wind.

What could be a better pairing than a fitted pea-coat for this fun little hat? The double breasted styling adds a little extra warmth against those chilly winter gusts and a soft creamy scarf is a versatile accessory even as the months get a little warmer. Chocolate brown knee high boots jump puddles and slush in style and a pleated plaid skirt can be worn almost anywhere. Work your hat in a color that matches your existing winter coat or choose something complementary but contrasting for a little brightness through those grey months.

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