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I have been busy, and maybe a bit distracted lately, so while I have been meaning to blog more, it hasn't been happening.

I want to start by thanking all of your for your well wishes and condolences. I know I've been remiss in replying to people, individually, but just know, it's nothing personal, I'm rude to all people equally.

So, in the spirit of being completely random and a wee bit scatterbrained, here's a collection of largely unrelated things I've been meaning to blog about, but haven't.


A swatch for a potential publication/self-publish/who knows project I've dreamed up. I can't decide if I love this stitch or if it looks like, um, a part of the female that is normally fully covered in mixed company. I am henceforth calling it the Freudian stitch. Please feel free to weight in.


Swatch of a publication piece for Spring. For the amount of ripping I've done on this piece, I could have knit 2 whole garments. I'm not frustrated, I'm just beating my head against the table for sport.

Leo and I carved pumpkins and I have determined that his is way more awesomer than mine. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.



Cute but derivative and pedestrian.

Leo's before carving



Leo's after carving

leopumpkinface.jpg LeoPumpkinFullFrontal.jpg

Fantastic, no?

Lastly, I leave you with some freshly flipped-off hummers. I've flipped-off three in the past week, though for one, I had no camera. I'm pretty sure the driver did, indeed, see me and my s*** eating grin, which is just as satisfying as sharing photos with you. I'm a class act. Oh and my friend Erica even helped me. Hooray for partners in crime crass.

lumo-flip-downtown.jpg hummerflip-at-lunch.jpg

Who on earth still thinks these things are status symbols?

Happiness is a run on the beach


It's been a tough couple weeks around these parts, with Leo having to rush off to Uruguay to be with his family. The whole routine is out of whack and the girls end up spending a lot more time alone. Unfortunately, Leo's dad passed away, after Leo returned home, and a bit of melancholy seems to permeate daily life, but it also makes us more conscious of all the good things we have.

After two weeks of obligations and stress, the perfect antidote was a trip to the beach.

The drive there revealed the first hints of autumn colors. I bet, in a week or two, the drive will be spectacular.


This shot makes me laugh. Thea was being a wee bit over zealous, trying to grab the frisbee from Leo. He requested that she talk to the hand.


Though, honestly, they really are good girls. Look at how focused they are.


And Thea does a very cute hand shake.


Panda isn't too shabby either.


Leo, though, is incorrigible. As I tried to get a particular shot of Panda and Thea, Leo noticed a rather large wave coming at me. In the first shot, you can see him leaping up to avoid it. I, of course, was too focused on the girls to notice.

IMG_0216.JPG IMG_0218.JPG IMG_0220.JPG

The second shot is Leo laughing so hard he can't stand up, and the third shot is my now soaked tush. Hilarious.

Despite Leo's fit of laughter and my sloshy shoes, I managed to get a pretty cute shot of the three of them.


After a lovely day, we wound our way home, stopping at a local farm for a stroll through the pumpkin patch. We'll be making jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin seeds today.


How cute is this sweet old dog?

For all the pictures from the trip, click here.





Just saying.

A compelling reason to buy the pattern


I have a feeling that almost everyone who reads my blog, also reads Julia's, but if you haven't seen, this, you are missing out.


Granted, the hat is knit for someone a little bit bigger than little Griffin is right now, but I still think he rocks it.

If you think that's cute, you can up the CQ (cuteness quotient) exponentially by adding some baby bell bottoms and some itty bitty toes.


I may not want kids for myself, but I sure love how they make knits look.

In unrelated news, blogging is probably going to be really sparse for the next week and a half. Leo has to make a last minute trip down to Uruguay for a family emergency. I've got my fingers crossed that things are less dire than they sound, but in the interim, I'll be basically cameraless and busy holding down the fort. Luckily, I'll have this great eyecandy at the top of the page, until blogging recommences.

Spindlicity is back


Hey, guess who's back and looking better than ever?

I even have a pattern in this edition.

I actually designed this way back when, right after I designed my Lake Park Hat and Gloves. In fact, I designed it so long ago, it was before we adopted Ms. Theano-Purl. (Excuse me while I get a little nostalgic for puppy cuteness and then remember what a huge pain in the keister she was and how much more delightful she is now.)

Anyway, I haven't had a chance to actually look through the whole site but what I've seen looks great. Yay for the return of Spindlicity.

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