Sam I Am Cardigan


I was sort of on the line about whether I wanted to blog this garment, because I thought it could be something fun to submit to Knitty Spin or Spin-Off, but I've decided, what the heck, it's another top-down fitted raglan. If you can't find 450 patterns like it, you just aren't looking hard enough.


I'm calling it the Sam I Am Cardigan because it feels very Dr. Seuss to me, with the sort of wonky stripes. The wonkification (technical term) comes from using handspun yarn, of course.

sweater on.jpg

I've been working on this piece between deadline projects. It's good, relatively mindless knitting and it's in my favorite color combination, if you haven't noticed. The showcase yarn is merino in the colorway, Sage, from Spunky Eclectic. The purple is from Penchant to Knit, and the white cormo is from Black Berry Hill Farms. All three finished fibers have some seriously thick and thin qualities with the white tending to be thickest and the purple tending to be the thinnest. I'm amazed at how they all seem to come together into a cohesive whole.

I don't know how long the finished piece will be and I don't have a scale with me, in LA, to check on my current usage, but I'm a little further along and expect to be able to get half length sleeves, and the body at least a few inches below my waist, plus all the bands. I'm looking forward to diving into my stash of vintage buttons to finish off the look.


I had to include a shot of Julia's cat, Townes when I was over her house, knitting this piece. He was giving that yarn the hairy eyeball and when I tried the piece on later, he crawled up and grabbed himself a little pawfull. I guess I can't criticize his excellent taste in handspun.

In entirely unrelated news, my friend took me to see Diana Ross in concert at the Hollywood Bowl, this weekend. It was a lot of fun and crowd was nearly as entertaining as the performance.

Random trip stuff


I'm officially at the halfway point of my business trip, end of day 5 of 10 days total. It's been a mostly good trip, I'd say. There have been some hurdles and unexpected challenges that have come up at work, but we've managed to make the best of it.

Anyway, I feel like this blog has been sorely neglected lately, and it has really nothing to do with my desire to blog, and everything to do with my limited time. So in the spirit of poorly planned blog posts that are light on content, here's some random stuff from my trip so far.

My brother and his girlfriend Aileen treated me to sushi.


Matt's grown himself some extravagant facial hair and is now known as "the colonel," amongst some of his colleagues. This shot really doesn't do the handlebar justice.

Apropos absolutely nothing, I think this picture from today's Cute Overload, is so funny I can't stand it.


I've brought along a bit of my recent handspun. I don't really have any good spot to shoot them (not much natural light in my hotel room) so I've taken a quick, "what's that weirdo doing" shot of the skeins, draped over the balcony here at La Quinta.


The solid one is some silky B-type pygora from Peppermint Pastures. The multicolor is called Iridescence. It's black alpaca and all kinds of sparkly stuff. I bought it from this Etsy shop.
Both are 3ply, spun up on El Matchador. I still have another batt of the sparkly that I'll spin up at some time. I do want to take some better shots of each skein, at some point. In case you are wondering, I have no idea what I'll do with it all.

Last down our road trip of nonsequiturs, here in the no segue zone, is me being all laughy and silly, while talking to Leo on the phone.


He went to a local jazz bar, in Portland and was listening to some great Motown music. Every time a good song would come on, he'd call me so I could hear.


That's the band I missed. It sounded great, but damn, it made me miss home.

Oh well.

This weekend should have lots of fun in store for me, which will make up for all the hours spent working.

O i C


I'm in OC* for work and missing my sweet little stinker-bells, already.

my sweet girls.jpg

I took this shot before I left the house today. Then I spent about 10 hours traveling, well, mostly waiting to travel, and being generally hungry. Did you know they don't even give you pretzels on United flights less than 3 hours long? Even if you are actually siting on the plane for what amounts to 3 hours, but not flying for about half of that time. I didn't know this. I would have paid them $30 for a bag of yogurt covered raisins (I hate raisins) by the end of my first flight.

I managed to survive, though, and wolfed down inordinate amounts of faux dim sum at the SF airport, while I waiting and played musical departure gates.

Weeeee! My life is so glamorous.

Well, it's late and I need to be up early. I hope to have something more substantial to post soon.

* It's not "THE OC," just OC. We may put the article in front of the highways, such as "I'm taking the 405 to the110 today." But we don't put an article in front of the initials for Orange County. Only teevee does that.

The pattern for the Alsace Le Monstre Hat, Doll and both combined, are now available for sale.

doll and hat together.jpg

Special thanks go out to Julia getting knocked up and inspiring me to come up with something unique and to Ada for her tech editing work.

If you have any trouble purchasing the pattern or find any issues with the instructions, don't hesitate to contact me.

It's hot, let's hit the beach.


It's been in the 90s which was toasty when we were acclimated to life in LA, but is downright miserable now that we've become accustomed to Portland weather. The beach seemed a perfect way to cool off a bit.

IMG_0028.JPG IMG_0032.JPG
IMG_0036.JPG IMG_0056.JPG


Thea found her alternate universe self.

IMG_0085.JPG IMG_0104.JPG
IMG_0119.JPG IMG_0135.JPG


The water was just filled with these little krill. They are hard to photograph but they were everywhere.

IMG_0249.JPG IMG_0184.JPG
IMG_0310.JPG IMG_0313.JPG


Do I really need to say that it was a great day? We played for hours and went home exhausted but happy.

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