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A ripable offense


Life here on d'nile is certainly lovely, don't you think?

Uhgh, so I thought I was in the home stretch on my garment for Donna's book. I was just picking up the stitches around the neck and front, and counting to make sure the piece had the same number of stitches on both sides.

The signs were there all along. It should have seemed odd that I had trouble picking up the same number of stitches on both armscyes. And it probably should have piqued my interest that I was having a little trouble blocking the fronts evenly. But apparently, I can be pretty resistant to the signs of reality.

01-Identify issue

You see those two stitch markers? They should both be the same distance from their respective shoulder seams.

The piece is knit seamlessly, which means that the sleeves are picked up and knit down from the armscyes. So in order to rip out the extra rows on the front section, I first thought I'd have to rip the entire *sob* sleeve out.

But I gave myself a few minutes to think, and realized there is another option.

O2-assess options

I decided to cut the sleeve off, just under the sleeve cap, and rip only the sleeve cap out. Once the front is fixed and a new sleeve cap knit, I'll graft the two parts together again.

03-safety net

I'm using a yarn with a fairly high wool content, and it tends to felt, every so slightly, to itself. I knew that unraveling would require some tussling and I didn't want to drop stitches on the sleeve, so I inserted a smaller gauge needle into the row of stitches that would remain live on the sleeve.

04-OMG cut

I made a small noodly prayer to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and snipped.

05-no turning back

No turning back now.


Now it's just a matter of unraveling along the sleeve cap side.

07-catch mistakes

If you missed a stitch, just grab one of those locking stitch markers, and clip it on. In my case, didn't pick up stitches on the spare needle, in a straight line. I was offset by a row for a few inches. Once I realized, I secured the loose stitch, eased out the needle and re-thread it through the correct stitches.

08-pieces separate

The sleeve will be secured on the needle, when you are done, and you can unravel the remaining sleeve cap and reuse the yarn.

Oooh, I'm halfway there.

I'll let you know how the reknitting and grafting go.

And on that note, I need a pup fix.

panda in front of thea.jpg



We drove to Mt. Hood today.


It's hard to take a bad picture of such a beautiful mountain, but with the bright blue sky, it was all the more gorgeous.


The girls were anxious to get to our destination.

IMG_0060.JPG IMG_0047.JPG

We went to Timberline and hiked up one of the trails. There wasn't that much snow so the skiing was sparse, but there were quite a few people hiking and sledding near the base of the trail.


Panda mostly wanted to roll in the snow. The deeper the snow, the happier she was.


Thea wanted to run around like a maniac and eat snow.

A truly fabulous outing.

See all the pictures here.

Starting the weekend off on a cute note


I haven't posted any doggy pictures in a while. Shame on me.

Ms. Panda looking gorgeous.


Thea bringing the puppy eyes.

thea_working it.jpg

Both girls playing in the backyard on a foggy morning.

playing on a foggy morning.jpg

Thea in her Total Recall class. Lots more pictures here.


And on an unrelated note, check out this spider web I spied waaaaay up in a tree in my front yard.




Tomorrow, I make the long journey back home.

Coming out to help my mother and grandmother get things in order has been exhausting, emotionally draining, but ultimately very enlightening. Even more, it has given me a feeling like I have helped in some small part.

Grandma and Grandpa at my mother's first wedding
My grandparents walking down the aisle at my mother's first wedding

My grandmother is trying hard to put on a brave face and take these changes in stride, but watching her cry so much and hearing her talk about how lonely it is for her at night and how much she misses him, makes my heart ache for her. As the week comes to a close, the realization of these changes seems to become more clear to her and it is harder for her to maintain her composure.

For better or for worse, we are helping her start this new chapter in her life. I can only guess how scared and uncertain she feels. Even so, every once in a while she gives me a big smile and I feel like things are going to be OK for her.

three generations.jpg

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