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Almost published

It seems like forever ago.
The talented and wonderful, Shannon Okey, contacting me to ask if I'd design a piece for the second of her KnitGrrl books. I hadn't ever worked with her before but her enthusiasm was enough to sway me. I drafted up a proposal and sent it to her and she accepted the idea. The result is Drake the Dreaded, the Dragon Backpack:

I think he's cute. You see that tongue there? It's functional.

When you open him up, that tongue is the pull cord to cinch the bag shut.

Here's his backside.

Shannon gave me great positive feedback when I finished him and sent him off. I was excited. Unfortunately, he didn't hold nearly as much charm for the editor of the book and he was cut, last minute. It happens and it was definitely not a personal thing. I was offered the choice of having him be a free promotional pattern for the book or just getting him back to use as my own pattern. There was some problem getting any final paperwork from the editor so we decided to cut our losses and Drake is back home with me.

Since I still have my original pattern instructions and I now have my sample back, I was thinking I'd offer the pattern up on my site, for a very small fee, say $3.50. I wanted to feel it out though and see if folks thought that would be of interest to them. So leave me a comment and let me know what you think and if there's a lot of interest, I'll post a pattern this weekend.

In spinning news, I've been spinning up some of my yummy Almost Solid Series Sampler.

This is some BFL in colorway "Redwood." It's my first time spinning BFL and it's a delight. I'm spinning it on my 0.9 ounce Golding. When plied, it should be about a DK weight.

If you've been wondering about the machine knit cardi and cami, they are done, I just need to get them on me and in front of a camera when there is actual daylight.

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Comments (27)

Kathi D:

P.S. You really should charge more for your patterns! :)

Kathi D:

Oh! I see you DO have the pattern for sale! Going to buy it right now, thanks!

Kathi D:

It is FABULOUS!!!!! Please please PLEASE put the pattern up for sale! I'm just a beginner knitter so I may not be able to make it yet, but it will inspire me to get good enough to knit it.


Drake is adorable! I'd buy the pattern from you!


Please put Drake up for sale. My teenage daughter and niece would each love a Drake. He is adorable. Maybe I'll make one for me too.


Please put the pattern up for sale! My son would love that backpack. He LOVES dragons!


I would love this pattern. I think it is fantastic! You can count on my $$$!

that is DARLING! in fact, i'm planning on making a totebag for my latest charity endeavor, and if it's ok with you, i'll link this post to my yahoo board. i bet you sell a ton! (i can't, mr irs got me good this year)


I love Drake (so does my 3 year old son!)We'll be buying the pattern as soon as its available.

Thanks for the pictures of your spinning... it inspires me to keep trying even if my results are nothing I would ever admit to :)

You are so talented and so creative. I love the backpack!!


I am so jealous that you know how to spin. My efforts were disastrous this weekend.

And drake is the cutest thing.

Drake is fabulous!
It's too bad he was cut, I think he's adorable.

I have to chime in that I can't live without a Drake too! I have too many kidlets in my circle that should get their own dragon.

I love all the thoughtful details in that backpack. I just polled my two 9-yr-old daughters and they liked it, but said they'd want a backpack that was a pig, horse, or dog. Oh well. I think it's cute.

What a shame--he's adorable!

SO cute, I would definately be interested in knitting the bag for friends kids.


That is incredibly cute! I hope you're feeding him a steady diet of fresh roving and silky yarns. Dragons get very nasty when they're not pampered.

best knitted backpack ever! i can't tell how big it is but that would make a cute diaper bag too.

Love the bag. I don't know of any other knit backpacks out there as origional as that one. I've been wanting to knit one for my little guy, but hadn't found "it" till just now! Please do offer the pattern for sale. I'll def buy it. =)

I got a good chuckle out of the pull-string-tongue! Cute. I think folks would enjoy knitting this bag for their little ones.

Oh man, that is SO cute! I'll definitley be getting that pattern. The tongue is really funny. I love his wonjy eyes and ears, too. Great pattern, Marnie!

I love Drake! The tongue/pull cord is great. I would definitely be interested in knitting this for my niece and nephews.


oh no, that's too bad.

drake is absolutely adorable and very clever. i don't have any kids to knit for, but if i did i would definitely do a drake. i think he'd be very popular for a lot of knitters, and since it's a bag i'm guessing gauge isn't overly critical. so, it could even appeal to an advanced beginner.

I love the dragon. I know they can't publish everything due to space constraints, but that is not the design I would have cut. Totally clever and cute!

OMG. LOVE Drake! Too bad about his pattern not being published, but I'm sure he will live on with all your readers who will buy it. Too cute! The "functional tongue" is brilliant!

Delurking... love the dragon bag. My kids will love it. Also wanted to thank you for inspiring me to pick up the spindle I got last year and start spinning. I absolutely love your shawl (will the pattern be available for sale? :) and your newest hat.

I love the idea of the pull cords as the tongue! So clever!


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