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What I'll be doing in late July

Do you ever feel like you have to apologize that people think you are better than you are? I'm seriously not fishing for compliments here but, I've been asked to be on a panel at the BlogHer convention in July.


The topic: "Is the Next Martha Stewart a Blogger?" I'm told that all I have to do is sit there and answer questions when I can. While I can assure you that I am definitely not the next Martha Stewart, I can't help but be flattered by the whole thing.
Did I say yes? Do bears relieve themselves in the woods?

I'm told that one of the rules is that I'll have to answer questions but not give speeches which is fine and dandy by me. If someone said I had to give a speech, I would have definitely turned it down. I don't mind talking to a crowd but I do mind having a script.

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Comments (11)


Oh wow, congrats, Marnie!! That sounds like a cool event, I'm gonna go check out the website.


Congratulations, Marnie! I'm not surprised at deserve it!

Wonderful, Marnie! Where is blogher going to be held?

I'm not surprised, but very happy for you... :)

Very cool. Congrats!!

How cool! I'm sure you'll be great. Have fun with it! :)

Oh, congratulations! That panels sounds like it'll be very interesting, good luck!

CONGRATS, Marnie! Should be a fun experience.

[and NO apologizing!!]

Very nifty!

That's great -- congralations! It sounds like it will be interesting.


Congrats Marnie. That's very cool!

You'll do well! You appeared very relaxed on Knitty Gritty!

Congrats Marnie! That's exciting. Have fun :)


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