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Would you like some hat with that pom-pom?

I actually knit this hat a while ago but didn't finish it until yesterday. I've been wearing it to walk Panda early in the morning, but I knew it needed a big pom-pom before I could really show it here.

It's made of GGH Aspen, knit on US# 10.5 needles.

This is one of those ridiculously easy hats that can be knit up in a day, if you have nothing else to do. It's a chunky yarn made of merino and microfiber so it's warm but soft enough to wear against the skin. I usually can't wear hats with any wool content, without feeling itchy, but this hat gives me no problems. I think the combination of the simple stranded pattern, funky ribbing and huge pom-pom, make for quite a hat. Panda, however, finds it rather gauche for her taste.

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Comments (12)

Panda is the best model - luv the pompom

And also, that hat is REALLY cute. The pom pom is perfect!

Panda is smiling in that picture. Schmoo.


Panda is definitely supermodel material. She's been in print and online, but when does she appear on TV?

You really should make Panda her own hat - she looks too cute!



My four year old daughter loved Panda in the hat. Now she thinks our pup needs one. Too cute. Thanks for providing us with a laugh!

Cute hat. I really like the way you mixed the two colors with the checkerboard-ish part in the middle. I'll have to try that on one of my next hats.

Great hat, Marnie! Love the huge pompom!

That hat is so cute on you!!! I love the huge pompom...

I'm sorry to say that I disagree with Panda - I can see one knit in black and white for her.

Adorable hat! The band of colorwork is particularly nice, and very original.


Well, I didn't realize Miss Panda was such a fashionista:) I think my dog is an acrylic girl, maybe cotton if the time is right.


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