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Ohhh, the horror

Now that I'm in full fledged "prepare for India" mode, I'm having to get things like Visas in order. In doing so, I've had to pull out my Passport. I still keep my first one.

This was issued to me in April of 1989 when I was 14 years old. No, that's not a mullet, I had bangs and two ponytails. Those white things are, yes, earrings. I never had big hair, not even when it was fashionable, but I definitely had big earrings.

Thank god I never ended up being a fugitive while this was my passport photo because I have no doubt that every news station would have run this photo of me.

Fourteen years later, my passport photo isn't much better but at least I don't look like I have committed a crime. I got this one three years ago with the hopes that I'd have some reason to use it soon.

And now I have another fug for the files, my Visa photos

I quote my mother, who once said, after I showed her a particularly bad driver's license photo of me, "Marnie, for a pretty girl, you sure do photograph ugly." I may be paraphrasing.

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yessssss. I have my first passport photo from when I was 15 and I SWEAR I have the exact same hairstyle except for one ponytail--you guessed it--on the side.


I cannot believe you kept your passport from when you were fourteen. I think I would rather never leave the country than have anyone see mine from that age - enormous glaseses, chubby cheeks and a streak of red hair.

I have the absolute worst driver's license photo. The only thing missing is the number on my chest. I look like I've just been arrested for bank robbery or something. I would show you, but then you have to gouge your eyes out, and I would feel so quilty - hee!

Oh the 80's..big hair, big earrings and BIG shoulder pads.


I'm going through the same problem right now and am resigned to the fact that there are no good official shots. It's the lighting...unforgiving. If mine looked like yours i'd be very happy. Are you heading to Bangalore...I really loved India ...and all the contradictions.


Marnie, those photographs of you are very cute, even the one from when you were 14!

Bah I think you are adorable, and that smile! People could drown in that smile of yours. But I hear ya about the whole mom thing. Just repeat to yourself, "She loves me so much she knows not what she says."

Then have some chocolate and buy a skein of koigu.

Your mom has such sense of humour! I think you were pretty in the 14-yo photo ... only that you didn't smile. And of course if without those earrings, you would look stunning!


hahah! The funniest part is, those earrings are completely back in fashion.

Too funny! I managed to get the cutest picture I've ever taken for my learner's permit. Yeah, you only keep those for like a year. In every license photo since then I've looked tired and slightly under the influence if you know what I mean.


Mothers say the weirdest things! I'm so glad you kept your sense of humor through all that and are smiling for visa photos not for mugshots.

I love it...the last passport pic I have is from when I was 13...don't know where that is. I do have the one from when I was about 5. It's in BLACK AND WHITE. Yay for the 70s!!!

I think you look a bit like Mia Sara in Ferris Bueller in the 14 year old one...which I think is a good thing. I love the sullen teen sneer, too, lol...

I thought those were pony tail holders in the first picture. Earrings?? Awesome! I, too, had big earrings, but as a rule, they never matched. Did you get them at the Mall of NH?

At least you look alot happier in the latter pictures. And really, the recent ones are not bad - or if they are, you're stunning in person :)

Just so you know, getting your visa to go to India will be your first taste of the grand bureacracies they have there, so don't get too impatient because you'll be experiencing a lot like it. I'd be happy to talk travel there if you want to email me.


My visa pictures were definitely MUCH worse than yours are! I think you got off pretty lucky with them and your current passport! Mine are... um... yeah.

You were 14 there?! You look older than I look now (and you were surely taller). I think Urban Outfitters still sells those earrings.

Ha, ha, mom's. I love the 80's photo with the earings!! I don't know anyone with a decent license photo. Those aren't so bad :)


LOL Moms are the best!

I think both your newer photos are great! And all manner of fashion atrocities were committed at the age of 14--you aren't alone in that. I have a picture of me wearing purple parrot earrings at around that age.


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