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The Big Four-Oh Pattern Notes

Also known as "Curses Foiled Again".
This is the second sweater I've knit for Leo and neither have, yet, resulted in the end of our relationship. I will spare you my diatribe on the boyfriend sweater myth, because I'm simply too pleased to have this off the needles

I hope to have a properly modeled version of this for you soon. For now, you'll have to settle for it on me (and slightly rumpled).

Pattern notes after the bump.

Pattern: The Big Four-Oh
Designed by: Me! Pattern will be available at some point.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Approximately 550 grams (11 skeins)
Color: Blue/Grey
Needles: US #4 and US #2
Description: Men's size 42" chest, ribbed sweater, straight to the hip, extra long arms, mock turtleneck with separate full turtleneck. Raglan sleeve with additional shoulder raglan.

You can see the full progress of this piece, buy going here.

Final Thoughts: Knitting a piece this size on US#4 needles in ribbing, is not for the faint of heart. I wouldn't do this for commission, only for love, but having done so, it was totally worth it. Leo is happy with the weight, drape and look of the piece and I am happy with the way the shoulder raglan modified the fit of the piece. I definitely see myself using that detail in future designs.

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Comments (19)

Beautiful sweater! I can't imagine knitting all that ribbing. That sure is love!

I really like the look of the shoulders, but I'm curious -- what made you decide to add the raglan shaping at the top of the shoulders? How specifically did it change the fit? I'd be really interested in any details you'd care to share.


Wow. Fabulous. Leo's one lucky 40-year-old.


That's awesome.


It is gorgeous. ^__^

I think the best thing about it might be that it looks great on you too--so you can borrow it!

Dang, it is really cute on you!

It's really a great sweater. I think my bf would love it too and it's truly an act of love, but oh my that much ribbing, I just don't know! :-)


The sweater looks fantastic. The time and tedium really paid off in drape and classic elegance.


I don't know Marnie, that looks pretty sweet on YOU! hahah. You did an amazing job, one time I hope to aquire that much patience, or a husband that doesn't make me mad every three days...his sweater'd be cut, frogged, and set on fire...I know it.

Having seen it in person, I can state that it was worth every ounce of effort. So much so, that I'd consider making two: his and hers.

I don't think I love anyone enough for that much tiny ribbing, although the result is fabulous. I hope Leo understands the magnitude of that undertaking- although he sounds swell, so I'm sure he does.

It looks fabulous - great piece of work. Can't wait to see it on the man!

All your hard work on the miles of ribbing has more than paid off- this sweater is gorgeous!


I know that it doesn't look quite how it will look on Leo, but still - good work! And if you ever have the patience again, I think one in your size would look great on you.

That really looks nice. Well done!


Leo is one incredibly lucky guy!

That's so fab! The drape and shape are wonderful. I really like the additional shoulder raglan as well. I may need to use that myself sometime. I have another top-down raglan in the project list....

ooooh nice. i have a reverse sweater curse going on right now, where it is me who keeps stuffing up the sweaters I make for DH, driving me crazy it is.

You are a treasure. I hope Leo appreciates how much work that was, but from what you write about him, I'll bet he does. :) Can't wait to see it on him!!

What a great statement of love.


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