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Pygmie + Angora = CUTE

For my birthday, Julia got me the Bellwether Exotic Fiber Kit. The first fiber I grabbed was Pygora and having never heard of it I decided to see what it was.

The little cutie to your right is the first picture I saw. Read all about him here. I've quite enjoyed spinning pygora, though I've only spun a small amount. I'm using my 0.9 ounce Golding and haven't had any problems spinning it, yet. The color is actually more of a creamy shade than it appears on screen and I'm spinning the singles at a about a lace weight.

I've also been plodding away on my N2JW sock.

I'm about an inch away from the heel right now.

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Comments (6)

Love your blog! I'd recommend going to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in September (in Canby)-its usually the largest showing of pygoras in the country, plus there's lots of other fiber animals and fiber goodies to buy. Be careful of the pygora fiber-its addictive!


Pygora is such a cute name. Are you better now?

Now, that is one cute little creature! I live in a no-dog building, but I'm pretty sure there's nothing in the lease that bans pygoras...

Your sock is looking great!

I love the sock! It's gorgeous.

I would like to roll in a giant pile of pygora fiber. I have some that is blended with a couple other types of fiber and it is still ungodly soft. Plus, I kind of want one of the goats. I told my dad that on the phone yesterday and his response was "I see those for sale all the time." I had to make clear that he should not actually buy me a goat right now or else he might have.

OMG she (he?) is so darn cute!!!! Never heard of this species before, so I'm gonna read up on them now.



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