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Home Smoggy Home

I am exhausted. I feel like this cat I saw in Mumbai.

I was able to sleep the whole night through, but it doesn't feel like it, it feels like I took one of those marathon naps instead. You know the ones. You wake up groggy, achy and a little slow on the draw.

Coming home was as wonderful as I hoped it would be. Leo took me out for a big salad and then I took a long hot bath and started unpacking.

I'm getting all my photos together to post an album. It was a really amazing trip and a truly once in a lifetime opportunity. There was no lack of work to be done, most work days started at 8 AM, ended at 5 PM and carried on into dinner. After that, I think all of us tried to do some work before bed and first thing in the morning, to catch up with the folks back in LA who would be just starting and ending their days, respectively. Even so, I am amazed at how much we could fit into the remaining free time. I think part of my exhaustion stems from never passing up on an opportunity to see the sights and shop the shops. Oh boy!

The downside to keeping so busy is that I have basically done no knitting at all. I didn't even have time to miss it. I'm hoping I'll have time between laundry, grocery shopping and other errands, to get back into the flow of things.

To all of you who posted comments during my trip, thank you. I know my blog has been entirely devoid of anything that most of you come 'round here to read about. It's like having a big circle of friends to kvetch with. And for any of my German readers out there, fear not, I definitely did not consider that guy representative of the average German. Heck there are jerks just about everywhere.

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Comments (15)

I am glad you are back with Leo and Panda...I'm so happy you had a wonderful trip.

India seems amazing. I'd go nuts if I had to drive there though....

India seems amazing. I'd go nuts if I had to drive there though....


Jerks *are* everywhere - sorry one tripped into your life! :(

Welcome home!

Hmm . . . after hearing today's news out of Mumbai, I'm even happier that you're home safe....


I was thrilled to read about your trip to India. I hate what happened with those rude people, and you behaved the way my mother always told me to. Unlike you, I have yet to have a complete mastery of good behavior while others are behaving badly.


Welcome back! I see you and your hat and a certain cute dog in splindlicity. It looks great!

Welcome home! Looks like it was an interesting and fun (if exhausting trip. Did you come home with an authentic sari? You must model it for us if you did.

Marnie, Thanks for posting during and about your trip. I admit that I'm often here for the knitting, but I enjoyed the travelogue very much, especially the descriptions of inexpensive silks and fabrics. I'm still fantasizing...

Glad you made it home safely, Marnie! I know Leo and Panda are happy to have back home. Thanks for sharing your trip with us - I kept reading some of your posts to Jacob!

Amy in StL:

Welcome home! I've missed your knitting - and panda - content, but reading about your trip was like a little summer vacay for all of us too. By the way, I watched America's Got Talent the other night - mom had the remote - and I swear I saw Panda in the audience.

Oh, and as for the guy in the airport.... as a German - from German parents - I will tell you we're a bit stubborn and hard-headed, like a good arguement, and sometimes have a hard time being wrong.

Welcome home! That cat is too cute all sacked out on his bench. May you sleep that well tonight. xox,

Welcome home! Thank goodness you're back, away from jerks in airports and other such travel-related hostilities! You haven't missed much in LA, except for blazing heat. :p

Welcome home! I'm glad your trip was safe and productive. I don't ever expect to make it to India, so it's always fun to read the impressions of someone who actually made it out there!

Welcome back! I know that I'm not alone in having been enthralled to read your impressions, stories and thoughts about your trip. While I'm sure that you're glad to be back, I hope you can get back to India someday, too. Show us your loot!


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