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Anatomically Correct

Do you know the story of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe? Well, Klamath, California hosts a huge sculpture in their honor. And doesn't this artist have vision? Not only is Paul blessed with a rugged carpet of chest hair.

That ain't no dark brown t-shirt under his flannel.

But Babe has his own show of virility.

Babe, I like you but I don't LIKE like you.

Let's get us a little close up here.

Doctor, this is the worst case of indigo spheres I've seen.
Get this patient to the ICU, STAT."

Today's sense of humor brought to you be the Local Council of 10 Year Olds and the Slap Happy Road Trippers Council of America.

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Comments (23)

BWAHAHAHA. I grew up in Eureka, a few miles south of there. You just made me homesick. I cannot tell you how many times I have posed for pictures under the big dangly blue balls of Babe. Hee!

I think that EVERYONE's inner 10 year old comes out when they see that, really.


I was JUST there too, with my fiancee, and we couldn't stop laughing at Babe's huge blue balls. So strange, and so marginally appropriate for the huge number of kids who go there!

oh oh oh -- i remember visiting paul bunyan and babe when i was a kid.

but i don't remember seeing babe's big blue balls.

LOL! Tourists :)... (I live an hour south of good ol' Babe) Glad you enjoyed yourself- did you happen to drive through the drive through tree as well?


That is GREAT!! I'd say that you're immature but I would do the same thing...or I'd have my 2 yr old point to it. I wonder if there's an anatomically correct statue of Babe here in Minnesota?


Ah yes, but there is another one here in Portland as well!

Really, that last one is the photo of Julia's Lush Hoodie that should have been in the Knit Cafe book, don't you think?
I adore giant roadside attractions. There was a giant Paul Bunyan in northern Wisconsin we used to pass every year of my childhood on the way to vacations.

After this post, I have to tell you. There are these big sculpture picture things all around downtown Salt Lake City left over from the Olympics, and I was walkign down a street and saw one, on one side it was a man in a purple and white spandex suit, on the other side a different guy in a purple spandex suit, but this guy? You could see his penis through the spandex! Of course, this picture thing is like 50 feet tall, so we're talking a GIANT wang defined rather clearly through the spandex! I just can't believe they didn't airbrush that!

Oh, yes. Babe and I are old Friends. See?


Watch out Vanna White! :) Thanks for the laugh.


Bright blue ones at that. Am I being nitpicky for pointing out it's just one blue ball? Albeit gigantic? :-)

Ha, ha, haa! That was great!


"The Trees of Mystery"! I was there on August 15th. The dogs enjoyed the walk in the big trees, but getting them on and off the gondola was interesting. Amusing for those waiting around, too...

HA!! Wow. I'm rendered speechless...

I've been there! I've seen Paul and Babe! Some poor guy has the job of sitting in a tiny booth inside Paul's right boot and speaking into a mike to make "Paul" speak. Mostly he booms out things that startle little kids, like, "who's that sitting on my boot?!". And he makes Babe do a trick -- "Babe -- Stay!".

It's all class with you two, isn't it?

Honestly, you get 10 extra credit Classy Points for not actually dangling upsidedown from it (them?).

With a name like Babe, he needed big balls so that the other bulls didn't make fun of him!

Love that picture! That's one for the mantel.

Local Council of Ten Year Olds. Giggle.

Balls. Giggle.

::snort:: Blue balls, indeed. Or an enterprising chef could set a world record for the largest Rocky Mountain Oysters. Alright, I'll stop.



I am SHOCKED that you didn't zoom in on that one! Too funny. Perhaps now that we've gotten all of our sex humor out of the way we can reurn to the dignified portion of our roadtrip, but I suppose that doesn't leave much...

For Pixie: an innocent bystander took that particular photo, but we have a self-timer and a sense of adventure, so we pull a lot of these shenanigans all by ourselves.

who took that photo for you?? lol

Thanks for making me smile!


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