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I loves me some silky wool

I've actually been working on this piece, in dribs and drabs, for a while now. It's not that I'm not enjoying the process, I really love the yarn and the idea I have, I hope, will be great. It'll have princess seams and waist shaping, all things that I think look lovely. I’ve just had so much else going on that it hasn't been a project I could really give the proper focus to, so I knit a row here and there and put it down for a little while.

One thing you'll find about me and my knitting is that I knit almost everything with a provisional cast on, and this project is no exception. I feel like it gives me a lot more options. I can always cast it off normally, if it turns out I don't need those stitches.

Now that most of my worldly goods are in Portland, I'm sans ball winder (until the gracious Ms Julia takes me in on the 15th) so I'm reduced to winding my own center pull balls.

I use an empty prescription pill bottle. If you want to try this at home, look for one that is fairly tall. Circumference doesn’t make a huge difference. Tuck one end of the yarn in the container. Close the container to secure the end then wind as though using a Nostepinne. When you are done, open the bottle and slide off your center pull ball. It's not as convenient as a ball winder, but it works in a pinch.

In move news, Leo and Panda are doing very well in our new home in Oregon. He's already emptied the whole truck by himself.

And Panda has taken to the place like a fish to water. She hung out by our giant tree:

And watches our neighbors from a choice vantage point.

It appears that our lawn could do with some tending, but we'll get to that when we can. For now, I'm just happy to know that everyone is home safe and sound. Pity party is still in overtime but it's winding down a bit.

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marnie: yard is fine. that is oregon grass -- our grass is "cool weather" grass, not "hot weather" grass, so it goes dormant in july/august. i was just assured of this by portland nursery (the *best* nursery in portland!). i'm glad panda is enjoying her new home -- but i'll bet she's ready for you to arrive!

I don't mind if it is strange, but is it scary that I'm excited Panda is here? Oh yeah, and you and Leo being here too.

What cute pictures of your Panda. Hang in there, Marnie. Pretty soon you'll be moved over as well and be getting settled in. I sympathize, and know exactly how you feel: When my husband and I moved over here he came a month before I did because he had to start his job asap. It wasn't fun being separated for that long! Pity party big time. But the time will come when you'll meet up with your family in Oregon. Take care until then!

I note the lawn's a little brown. That's pretty typical for late July/early August and once the rain starts [September/October] that lawn will be green green green!

Oh dear lord, Panda by the big tree is just too much.


i actually use my thumb as a nostepinne. yes, my thumb. the hole is smaller, but i can get respectable handwound center pull balls, and they even sit flat if i pay attention while i'm winding. i got it from reader's digest guide to needlework. in the 70's. oy

Oh, and that sweater looks lovely so far. I've got some Silky Wool but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet . . . I'm looking forward to it!

Aw, Panda looks so sweet! Glad she's settling in.


I hope you keep blogging from the new Oregon digs. I look forward to my daily Marnie treat! Best of life in your new home.


How cute is Panda! She's just precious.
You mightn't want to worry about the lawn just yet; check out "The Sassy Gardener" on (this is the local paper's web page).
And take heart: my (now) DH & I endured a three-month separation when we first moved to Minneapolis.
It does get easier, and the reunion will be so *sweet*.


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