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I only have a few minutes so I don't have much time for commentary other than to say that I think it looks wonderful.

And for those who asked, he confirmed that under the arm is, in fact, a very painful place to get a tattoo. Aww. But hopefully it was all worth the pain in the end.

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HAHA =) I'm Latin: hell no! I waited untill I got home and then I cried like a little girl ;-)

HAWT! That looks beautiful!

I have a most of an armband tattoo, but the guy wouldn't do the very underside because he didn't think I could handle it. And he told me the same thing about women getting tattoos. He said we aren't afraid to make hurty noises and faces. Guys tend to hold their breath and tough it out, then they end up passing out.

So Leo, did you make hurty faces?

Thats some cool tatoo~ Awesome! I really like intertwining hair part that looks kinda liek celtic knots. =)

Yup, the worst part was the filling in under the arm by the armpit. That hurt like the dickens...

My tattoo artist said that I took it like a woman, yes don't laugh, she meant that women deal with pain better than men. She also told me that the last guy that tried an armband, sad because he brought three friends with him, he passed out... =)lol

So, to all the women out there, I tip my hat to you, we should make the Marines all women!

That tattoo is just beautiful, and it obviously really suits Leo!

The inner arm?! I would have died.
So gorgeous and art deco- I love it! (and now you and he are tat-twos.)

Hey, I knit and tattoo too! I have seen the bravest of men weep and redesign their armband at the merest line on their inner arm. I have even heard it referred to as the most painful spot, but won't vouch!

I'm so surprised at how fast that healed! Very tastfully done! One could even say: Hey! That's Marnie!;)

Beautiful! If possible, Leo is now even cuter.

That's an awesome tattoo! Very nicely done, and worth all the pain!

Looks like you've made your mark on Leo! I'm so punny.

Seriously, though, nice work!

Yeah, um, that's a sexy ass tattoo! Great job, Marnie!


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