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Best looking beach bunnies

Both Leo and I have a 4 day weekend so we decided we would take the little poopers to the beach, come hell and especially come high water. She really digs that. We bundled up on the first relatively dry day, and packed into the car.

Cannon Beach has really been our beach of choice if only because it's the closest one for us to go to. So a lot of these pictures will give the regular reader of this blog, a vague sense of déjà vu all over again once more...again.

It was a brisk day with a light breeze and nary a drop of rain. Perfect weather for a game of doggy tennis.*

All the fun was set against a gorgeous foggy backdrop.

But Panda is a bright girl and she knows a dog cannot live on tennis alone.

Bring on the SQUIRREL!

I got it in my head that we really needed a "family" photo for once, so I propped up the camera and set the timer.

Attempt number two was foiled by a bad case of "shake the squirrel."

Maybe today wasn't the day for a family photo.

Back in the car, just out of the beach parking, we saw a field of bunnies. I all but leaped from the moving vehicle and ordered Leo and Panda to find a place to park for a moment.

The bunnies, they are very cute. I crouched down and tried to get a good photo, when suddenly, one began bounding full speed ahead at me.

Being the entirely sane and not-at-all-girly person that I am, my initial reaction was "OH GOD! I'm about to be attacked by a charging WILD ANIMAL!" I stepped back. And then reality tapped me gently on the shoulder and mentioned that it was a bunny rabbit, nearly domesticated, and probably unlikely to prevail in hand to hand combat.

Having regained my momentary lack of composure, I was able to get some rather fetching, if I do say so myself, photos of the little chap.

Ahhh, all weekends should be 4-days long and full of such joy. Here's hoping all of you are having just as much, or more fun.

*Doggy tennis involves two people standing relatively far apart and each calling said doggy, in turn, so that she must run back and forth until she tires her cute little butt out a little.

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I just wanted to post a quick note about the bunny you saw. I live in Cannon Beach, and have for years. The bunnies live here as well, the bunnies have, in fact, been here for more years than I. Yes, they are a domestic breed, but THESE bunnies have never been domestic, nor were their parents, or their grandparents. We love our bunnies, we look after them and they are (as I'm sure you saw) quite happy. The bunnies are as much a part of Cannon Beach as any resident you'll find here. I also volunteer for the local wildlife rehab center and trust me, EVERYONE is aware of the bunnies. They are in no danger and they are here to stay.


Like several of the other people who commented, I'm a bunny owner who hopes you'll contact your local rabbit rescue organization. That sweet little guy you photographed is definately a domesticated rabbit who is not equipped to fend for himself for long in the wild.

I hope, next post, you'll tell us you called rabbit rescue. Thanks.

I know the field you are talking about. It is always full of bunnies year-round. Most of the time that is a camp ground but they also hang out in the yard of the house next door.

Portland bunny rescue MUST already know about it since those bunnies have been there for years and years.

We play doggy tennis with my nephew to wear him out too. ;-)

I certainly don't mind the same beach! And your family portrait came out just great! Doggie tennis~snort~ we'll have to try that with Dolly. GOTTA LOVE a place where bunnies just hop on up for photo sessions, I mean really-that's the coolest thing! One of these days....Oregon bound!

Yup, that's definitely a domesticated rabbit. He probably wanted you to take him home with you! You should probably give the rabbit rescue people a call if you haven't already, since it won't last long in the wild. (I would also like to kick whoever set it "free" in the first place.)

Ha! Doggy Tennis! That's a great name for it. Jenny's a big fan.

Great photos!! That is so funny about the attacking bunny. Like, Ann, the first thing I thought of was Holy Grail, "Run away! Run away!"

Amy in StL:

The first thing that came to mind when you mentioned the bunny running at you was Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Did you check it for fangs?

Ha! Doggy Tennis! That's a great name for it. Jenny's a big fan.


Bunny. Good to eat.

Love the bunny photos. It must have been tame to get that close. I would have reacted the same way - sad, isn't it? :D

My sister and I play pickle in the middle with our dog. It's just throwing the tennis ball back and forth over the dog's head until he gets tired or fed up.

Hi Marnie,

The rabbit is a domesticated rabbit, not a wild one. It's an entirely different species than the wild rabbits that live in North America. Someone probably released it when they didn't want it anymore. The rabbit will not survive long in the wild. As a former bunny owner, I would be really grateful if you would contact the local rabbit rescue about the exact location where you saw the rabbit so they could attempt to catch it and find it a good home. It's great you have photos.
This is the info for the rabbit rescue in Portland, they should be able to help.
Information & Help Line :
(503) 617-1625

If you'd like me to contact them and point to this blog post, let me know and I will.

Panda + the bunny = extreme cuteness. Love the family picture too!

Eeek. That bunny is fatally cute. I die.

When I was single and it was just me and my dog, I thought I would try to get a family photo. I was wearing black, my dog was black, and my house was white with white snow. While I got a nice picture of the house, the snow, and myself, my dog just blended right into me. Family photos with the dog are pretty fun.

I bet that bunny rabbit was looking to see what food you had brought him.

Oh, and while we've never played Doggy Tennis on the beach, we play hide-and-seek in the house. One person calls the dog while the other person moves to an unknown location before calling the dog in turn. Great for exercise on rainy days and "Come" training . . . not to mention honing the hunting instinct! ("That's Mom, but last time, she was in the dining room, where is she now??? The KITCHEN??") Fun for all concerned! (grin)

Aw, the bunny just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas and get his picture taken . . . how sweet! And Panda looks like she had a great time. Chappy's so jealous--he wishes HE had beaches near by....


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