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Tutorial - Speeding up your long tail cast-on

This is more of a mini-tutorial, as it assumes you are already well acquainted with the long tail cast on. Many of you may already know this little tip but I'm posting it for those who may not.

Because I know that not everyone has QuickTime, I'm loading two different versions, one is a video, which is more complete and the other is an animated GIF which should be viewable in almost all browsers and is better for people with slow connections.

For the QuickTime movie, click the image below

What I'd give to have someone do my voice overs for me :oP

If you prefer an animated GIF, click here.

Each frame should display for about 3 seconds and the whole movie should loop if you need to watch it more than once.

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Comments (17)

Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try this out my next project.

You know, I'd been trying to figure this out on my own, and still keep the cast-on nice and even, but couldn't. Thanks very much for the tutorial. I'm not sure what light bulb went off, but it did, and the last couple of cast-ons since seeing this have been much faster...and all with even tension!


It's neat to hear your voice, and it sounds perfect and very nice. We have a joke that my voice is the 'cheerful-chipmunk' speaking, especially when I'm excited or hyper. I don't sound to myself like how I hear it from a recording. Ak!, Ha ha!

Huh. I have always done my long-tail cast on like you are in the video. It never even occurred to me that someone might drop the yarn at any point during!

So, definitely a good tip to throw out there! It would take me FOREVER to do it with the dropping!

I saw a great knitter at my spinning guild do this last year. I had a total "Duh!" moment when I saw it, because it's so neat and obvious when you see it done. But it had never occurred to me to do it that way before. :)

No voice overs- it's great to be able to hear your voice!

Wow you're fast! I use the same method but at about half the speed. It's still much faster than it would be if I dropped both yarns, though.

Totally off subject but I keep forgetting to ask if you found the yarn store in Cannon Beach yet? Lovely little place with lots of Socks that Rock yarn!

Also, the one in Seaside has really evolved into a wonderful store. It is worth the 15 minute drive up from Cannon Beach. It is called Creative Beginnings. I think it is on H street but you may want to call them to verify. They have a coffee bar for Leo and comfy couches in front of a fireplace. Well worth haunting!

Isn't this also the sling-shot method?

Isn't this also the sling-shot method?

Great tutorial! I don't drop the yarn when I do the long tail cast on, but I do find I often have to readjust the length of yarn that's going around my thumb because there's too much slack. Is there anything in particular you do to mitigate that?

Great tutorial, thank you. Your voice sounded perfect too :)

Thank you - I always had the suspicion that my long-tail cast on is different to everyone else's - I was right. Hmm... I wonder if the end result is the same... I'll have a go at your speeded up conventional one next time I need it.

wow, i already do that! i watched the GIF, cuz i don't have quicktime and hubbie would kill me if i downloaded another video player, lol


Why not upload the video to YouTube and link to it there?


Great video, and I thought you sounded fine in it!

this is a great tip that i've never heard before. i'm bookmarking for later - thanks!


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