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Second Sock Syndrome (SSS)
I finished the first of Leo's two socks and it looks and fits great.

No, he doesn't have itty bitty feet, the gusset just pulls the sock in a bit and makes it look shorter, I swear.

The heel is really unusual and attractive. This is the bottom of the sock and you can see the paired decreases that form a delicate ridge along the bottom. It isn't bulky at all, it just has a nice little visual detail.

I've cast on for the second, but it's moving slowly. 9" of ribbing in the round is just not my idea of big excitement, especially now that I'm not working under any deadlines and the world is my knitting oyster.

Sewing Buttons Syndrome (SBS)
I've discovered that while I like buttons, I dislike, with great zeal, sewing them on. I find it tedious, boring and prone to fault. It's sad really. When you are at the point that you should be sewing buttons, your piece is all but done. What could be so bad about sewing buttons on?

For about a week, the Silky Wool piece has been at this point, give or take.

The buttons aren't far enough apart, I'm currently taking them out to sew them back in....again.

Oh and remember all that talk about having juuuust enough yarn to knit the body of the piece? Well, I did some stash organizing and clean up this weekend. Guess what I found? My original giant swatches and the ball form which I knit, equaling a whole additional ball of the main color.

In my defense, much of our lives still sits in boxes because we:
A) Sold most of our furniture
B) Don't plan to buy furniture until we buy a house
C) Don't have anywhere to put stuff in the interim.

While this is, by no means, the way I hoped to start things in Portland, it does keep us motivated to pay off what remains of our credit card debt and start house shopping. Woohoo, and way to go off on a tangent.

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I am curious about the pattern
for Leo's socks. Can you let me know the book it is from?
Hubby is in the hospital, and socks are such a good projects to work with.
Thank you for your time.


I am curious about the pattern
for Leo's socks. Can you let me know the book it is from?
Hubby is in the hospital, and socks are such a good projects to work with.
Thank you for your time.

Amy Jo:

The top is so pretty! And I really like the light blue buttons.

and do you wonder why i altered the dragon sweater so i could put ties on it? i hate sewing buttons, i hate button shopping. in fact, a large # of the ladies at the charity site i knit for hate buttons as well. i'm thinking it's a(n?) universal thing.


I too hate sewing buttons because i always get it wrong. Incidentally, it usually takes me five years to unpack completely. Hmm.


Living in boxes stinks, plain and simple. I too have the problem of noplace to put anything, although it's because the house here is just so small.

I'm looking at moving to Portland with a friend in a year and a half or so, while in grad school, and the idea is just scary - even without considering having to find a place to live! Eek!

Here, lemme sew your buttons, it'll take my mind off things...

Oh well on the extra yarn. You've shown that you can use small amounts of different colors to good advantage, so I'm not too concerned about it. I think it's going to be a lovely piece.

I'm digging the heel on Leo's socks. I'll have to try it out next time I venture into the sock zone.

xox, J

When I was into quilting, I heard a saying something along the lines of "Asking a quilter to sew buttons is like asking Michelangelo to paint the garage." I think this would also apply to knitwear designers like yourself.

Living in boxes may be a great motivator, but it also makes you feel like you're losing your mind.

For me, it isn't buttons, it's finishing, in general. I LOVE finishing a garment in terms of having it be done, but I hate finishing in the sense of sewing together, weaving in ends, etc. Bleh. I just want to be...finished! That sweater is going to be so pretty, can do it! :)


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