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One knit, Purl too

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Knitting has nearly slowed to a screeching halt now that there's a new pup in the house, but what knitting there has been has been good.

I've worked up to where I'm starting some neckline shaping on Lily

The fit seems fine, though it's always hard to tell before the neckline is done.

I will probably work a simple 2 or 3 stitch i-cord edging for the hem and sleeves. I think that will be the least disruptive treatment and will be OK both on the busy sleeve and the simpler hem.

As for the new member of the family, I think we finally have a name that everyone can agree on. The name is now, Theano Purl, Thea for short.
Theano was believed to be the wife of Pythagoras, (he who brought us the calculation for determining the hypotenuse of a right triangle,) and likely continued his work and ran his school after his death. We wanted a name that gave a nod to the sciences but which was also a cute doggy name. We considered "Evo" short for "Evolution" and "Jane" for the one and only Ms. Goodall. Neither name really stood out as exceptional names for a dog. Theano, though, very cute. I got to keep Purl as her middle name too so she can be little Thea-Purl, if the mood strikes.

See a bunch of pictures of the two girls by clicking the photo above, or clicking here.

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Comments (8)

The sweater looks fantastic. Really gorgeous and perfectly proportioned.

Congrats on the new puppy too!

Amy Jo:

Lily is beautiful. I'm enjoying the process. I missed a couple of your recent posts and thought you had played with photoshop, doubling Panda. Then I caught up! How fun to have a new little friend - she couldn't look any sweeter!

It is good to have the middle name for when you are yelling at them. And really good you picked out a beautiful one. Somehow my girl's came out, "Sapphire Louise!" But that is how she knows she is in the big trouble.

What did Thea Purl do the first time she saw the ocean waves? Did she just follow Panda's lead and run in?

I was throwing sticks in the river for my Sasha once, long years ago. (She loved to swim out and chase sticks and swim back.) A motorboat went by and caused a wake, which showed as waves on the riverbank.

Sasha went *nuts*, barking and jumping at the waves. I almost wet my pants laughing at her. After a minute or so, she realized that nothing serious was happening, and she could see me out of the corner of her eye, laughing at her. She barked a few more times for form's sake, then ran over and jumped on me. :)

Amy in StL:

I don't know if I'm more enamored of the awesome way Lily is turning out or the series of cute picture of your two baby girls. Okay, it's probably the girls!!!!

I'm completely weak in the knees from the cuteness! Congrats again on Thea-Purl. I'm sure Miss Panda will warm up to her even more as time goes by. Now you have to give 2 belly rubs for me!

Lily looks amazing on you...even unfinished as it is! :)

Thea and Panda look like they are having a great time!

Sue H:

Panda and Thea-Purl are adorable! Lucky you! Your pictures were fantastic - looks like everyone was having fun. Keep the pics coming - they make me smile!


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