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Six times the motify goodness

Well, Lily is on temporary time out. I don't like the look of the raglan decreases. They just come in too far and it looks off. I need to rip back to the base of the armsceye and reconfigure for either a much less angled raglan or a set in sleeve....what to do, what to do.

In the mean time, the motifs have become a mindless delight.

Six lovely motifs, half of which were completed in the last 24 hours.

No dogs were embarrassed in the course of photographing these pictures.

Thea is making herself quite at home. She sat by our feet last night and made cuteness at us.

Wouldn't you pet that little head?

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Thea is so adorable!! At my vet clinic there was a dog boarding that reminded me of your pups. I gave him pets for you;)

She is quite the expert at making cuteness, that Thea. Those ears kill me! And yes, I would definitely have to pet that little head!

Beautiful motifs, and of course Thea is absolutely adorable. :)

Better she make cuteness than gas! I will never forget the power-punch of smell that little pup could produce! She's lucky she's so dang cute.

I love the motifs. It's okay to put Lily in a time out. I find my time-outs work out really well, and you're on such a roll with the crochet that you should go with it. They're just stunning.

The crochet motifs are beautiful! And Thea is pretty darn cute - I love the phrase "made cuteness at us."

Those are gorgeous, Marnie.


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