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Assessing the skirt progress

It seemed about time to move the skirt to some waste yarn and see how it's coming along. I have mixed feelings


Things I like:
  • The crochet: I think the motifs are cute and hang nicely.
  • The colors: While I don't usually buy these colors for myself, I think they are lovely and the colors compliment each other nicely.
  • The chevrons: Who doesn't like chevron? It breaks up the horizontal nature of the subtly variegated yarn.


Things I don't like:

  • Yarn choice: I feel like the main yarn should be a little drapier. I don't feel there's enough weight to the piece to pull off the effect I'm envisioning

  • Skirts: I don't wear skirts. What the hell am I thinking?

  • Shape: Would a-line instead of straight have been better?

I'll probably finish the piece, just to see how it comes out, but I'm starting to think there may have been a better project for these yarns.

On the plus side, I should have 300 or more yards of the main yarn leftover when I'm done. What will I do with it? I dunno. I'll have it nonetheless.

I've been spinning bits of the Corriedale, here and there. It's been quite relaxing and mindless.


I'm annoyed, though, with my Woolee Winder. It's great, don't get me wrong, but it really upsets my sense of balance that it doesn't load the yarn evenly. Some of it appears to be that the whorls from Schacht aren't perfectly machined. There's an ever so slight gap, but I'm realizing that it's not enough to account for the severity of the imbalance.

Has anyone else who has a Woolee Winder seen this and if so, is there a way to fix it?

spinning_first bobbin.jpg

Oh and Thea had her stitches taken out and has been taking full advantage of the ensuing belly rubs.

belly rubs II.jpg

She's such a little floozy.

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Comments (16)

Oooh Thea is just as cute as Panda, what a lovely pair.

You can see my doggies on, I reckon my little Lily has a similar temperament to your two, those white dogs, they are so cute but feisty too!

I corresponded with you before when we were both thinking of becoming 'mummies' again to 2 dogs, well we got 2, and they are HUGE but cuddly. nowhere as bright as collies but sweet and eager to please.

Saw your pattern for socks on a UK site, thought hang on, those are a rip off of Marnie's socks, actually they were yours, from Stitch Diva of course!!

I LOVE the tummy-every time I get up from my chair in the evening my Cerino turns over for me to give him a tummy rub and it just makes my heart sing.
For me the colors are just gorgeous on your skirt-and the crochet is stunning as they say in the Bronx.


Awww! Give Thea a belly rub for me! she's just precious.


I think the straight will be very flattering, kind of like that red skirt on the cover of Annie Modiesitt's Romantic Hand Knits, if you're curvy, the chevron portion of the skirt will hug your curves, and the little crocheted flounce at the bottom gives it a vintage feel, throw some slingbacks on and it's "Hello Rita Hayworth!" I love the doggie pictures, and I'm glad Thea is all better!

S'pose u have a big butt like Mum, then A-line suits better. But we doubt your butt is larger than Mum's so the straight should be flattering!

Can't wait to see it finished and worn!

Thea is SO cute. I miss having a dog around.

I am LOVING that skirt. I don't wear skirts often, but I'd wear that! :)

I absolutely love the way the skirt is making up. I think it is a very interesting way to adorn knit with crochet. I'm anxious to see how you finish it . Thea is so sweet. I'm glad she is back to tummy rubs and feeling fine! :)

That skirt looks like it's going to be seriously adorable!

That's why I like spinning, I don't have to think so much about it, and can think about other things.


Never used a WW, but maybe the drape will improve once the skirt is soaked?

it's kind of the whole "i don't wear hats" t hing. i do if i make them, lol! i bet you'll wear it. and i like the straight skirt. i don't think an a-line would showcase those motifs as well


Re WW: Twist the traveling eye in the direction of the smaller end of the cone. Do it gently (I use my fingers, but pliers are probably more precise) and only change the angle a little bit at a time.

My Daisy is a little tummy slut too. :)

And the skirt is going to be great on you I think.

ooh, I love that. I've been on a quest to knit a skirt for a while ... and I've failed miserably every time. so I'm very excited about yours - I can live vicariously through your success!


You have the figure to pull off a straight skirt. Generally, A-line skirts are more flattering for all figure types. I recently made a straight skirt and while I like it, it doesn't work on me so I'm going to redo it and make it an A-line.

Good to see your girl is back to normal. While I can't attest to the drape of the yarn, it sure does look pretty all pinned up like that.

Love the picture with the WW and Thea in the background. :) I have no personal experience with the WW, but I've read about people contacting the guy who makes them when they have problems or questions.


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