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Hola, El Matchador

You know how I said that spinning puts Thea to sleep? Well, that seemed as good an excuse as any to spend some quality time with El Matchador.

At first, I thought I'd just spin up enough of my Cotswold to have a skein ready when I run out on my skirt.

right off the bobbin.jpg

But once I plied the yarn and skeined it, I had, what appeared to be, a relatively small amount of fiber remaining, so I figured, what the heck, I'll spin up the rest.

hanging yarn.jpg

The result is a skein that is 297 yards long and a second skein that is 217 yards long. Added to the 225 yards I already have, I have a total of [insert calculator here] 739 yards. That should be plenty to finish the piece.


Thea helped me with the photoshoot. It's nice that we can have both an out of focus AND poorly lit image. She's really an artiste.

two new skeins.jpg

I'm not going to do another whole round up of the yarn, since I've already done one here and it's the same, only different, or whatever. I will say that I continue to really enjoy spinning this yarn. It is well prepared, with only a little bit of vegetable matter and the colors are gorgeous.

In my next post, I start doing the spinning equivalent to making a gauge swatch. Good girl, Marnie, here's a cookie.

Quick question, would anyone out there be interested in some very basic tips for using Photoshop to adjust color and exposure in an image? I'm no expert and I sort of wonder if anyone who can afford Photoshop, already knows it well enough, not to need any help, but if folks are interested, I'd be happy to do a tutorial. Just leave a comment with your thoughts.

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Comments (19)


Lovely, lovely yarn. Love a tutorial.

I'm definitely interested. Thanks for the offer.

I would never turn down a tutorial, are you kidding? Your spinning is beauteous, as always. And, so glad to know Thea is up and around enough to get back to her photo assistant job. Have you found out anything more about the mysterious leaf?

The yarn is great! And now that you have enough for the skirt, the pressure is off! Are you kidding? I'd love some Photoshop tips! Have not had the time to sit and play with it! Have I read the book I bought? Like I said, are you kidding? ;)


Yuppers. I'm interested in the tutorial. I use photoshop CS2 for work but am totally winging it thanks to this wonderful world wide web.


The yarn is beautiful Marnie. And YES! I would love a tutorial in Photoshop. There is some much potential there and my not knowing how to it is such a waste.

Amy in StL:

Thea has such artistic skill for photos.... As for photoshop, I find that like all computer programs it's good to know how someone else accomplishes the same task. Often, it's quite a different route than I take.

Gorgeous yarn!

I'm a total Photoshop geek so I'm good, but I betcha others would love to know.


That yarn makes me drool. Seriously. I'm a total wool/silk freak. I gotta learn how to spin!

Your spinning even *looks* soft. Yum.

katie K:

I'm sure it's really "Cotswold" not "Costswold". The Cotswolds were once the wool center of England.

Note from Marnie:
HA! How funny that I made that typo. Shall fix it forthwith.


You really make me want to try spinning....another interest I have no time for.
Where's Panda in all this artistry....sleeping off the worring she has to do because her little sis hasn't a care in the world !

Beautiful yarn! Yes, I'd be interested in a photo skills really are bad when it comes to lighting. :)

I dunno, that photo with Thea is nicely abstract, I think. :)


Yes, I've been a bit over my head with Photoshop, and would love a tutorial.


I would be interested in a tutorial...

Also, please tell Thea that her photo work is just brilliant! :)


Gorgeous yarn. I know zip about spinning wheels or spinning in general, but it is starting to sound like something I might want to learn.


yes, i would be interested in a tutorial!


yes, i would be interested in a tutorial!


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