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Lovely long weekend

Leo and I have put this labor day weekend to good use, if I do say so myself. Since we are renting a house, it's always a struggle to decide how much time and money we should invest in beautification of our humble abode. It's a great little place, but after years of being rented, there's a lot that has gone neglected. This is not the loving little first home, it was originally built to be, but a way point in the lives of folks like Leo and me. Still, never one to shy away from a little hard work, Leo has decided we should get things tidied up, so on Saturday and Monday, we shoveled, we weeded, we hauled masses of toppled brick and we planted a little flower garden that we hope we'll stick around long enough to see bloom once, and only once, before buying our own home. But Sunday, we put aside our shovels and spades and seeds and bulbs and packed up our car for a trip to Manzanita Beach.

On the way, we listened to Harry Potter and I got in a little knitting.


This skirt remains my one mindless piece of knitting, that I can plug away on when I don't want to have to worry about row counters and lace patterns and other distractions.

We were expecting some serious crowds at the beach, and places like Cannon Beach and Hug Point, were, indeed, crowded, but Manzanita proved to be an ideal spot. While there were many people, we never felt crowded or cramped.


The girls had a wonderful time and Thea is really starting to come into her own. Slowly, Thea is building her recall and we are able to keep her off leash for longer without incident. She's still so filled with social excitement that I wouldn't trust her implicitly, the way I do Panda, but she's proving to be a wonderful little girl.


After a quick stop over at Blue Heron to pick up some provisions, we went back to Manzanita and set up camp. We are currently conducting reconnaissance in preparation for a bigger excursion with our friends; Erica and Larry and Jackie and her pup Tulip.


Leo is in charge of setting up the fire.


I am in charge of proving that pups will do almost anything for salami.


Thea was a little scared of the fire at first. Can you see her hiding behind the log?


But she came around after a little while.


We attempted to take a family portrait, by way of self timer.


Twas not so successful.


And as the sun set and the air got a little cooler, my ample tush proved excellent insulation for the not-so-little one.

See more pictures over at Flickr.

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Comments (14)

The photos of your day at the beach are so nice. I especially like the tries at a family photo.


Marnie, that photo of the girls sitting side by side, looking at the ocean, is postcard/frame worthy. It looks like the perfect afternoon. Of course, you might have to crop out Leo's toe (sorry, Leo!), but the photos is just precious.


The picture of Thea hiding behind the log is LOL priceless. I loved the one of them sitting up, side by side, waiting for their salami, too. You have such adorable girls. ;-)

what a lovely weekend...the family looks so happy. a fire on the beach? ha, it was 110 here in los angeles, bet you do not miss the heat of the southland much. are you and leo thinking of staying in portland? if so, check out the little places in sellwood, so quaint if a little cramped feeling. sometimes when i lool at your photos and see the surround i wonder why we left...then i thank god we did because doing the twin thing without live-in grandparents just might kill me...but...hmmmm. maybe we can get them to move up there....just another thought to entertain. smiles, marnie, you look happy.

What a perfect beach outing! How I wish I could have been right there with you. I would even have begged for salami. Alas, ours was spent sweating while doing absolutely nothing, in the sweltering, oppressive SoCal heat. It was miserable! I look at your fire and hoodies longingly. Glad you had such a nice weekend!

Aww . . . Thea peeking over the log at the scary fire . . . SO cute!

Your skirt is going to be georgous, if you can keep a certain little lady away from it! I love the 'beg up' picture, your girls are so talented.

I have had one request for the cotton roving, but she is in the UK and I told her I would check shipping costs- if she thinks it is too expensive I will be happy to send it to you. I am going to the PO tomorrow so I will get back to you as soon as I hear from her.

Amy in StL:

Fire still makes Rex nervous - and he's 16!

And I have to tell you, I prefer to think that Rex is doing me a favor by cuddling up against my butt. You know, because he thinks I'm so skinny that he has to keep me warm!

I am SO jealous of your excursions to the ocean! Looks like so much fun!

And the sitting up that the dogs were doing for salami? We call that a "squirrel stand" in our house. :)

Hi Marnie! What an incredible day at the beach!! Beautiful photos.

Even if you are only going to be in your rental for a year, the next tenant who inherits your little flower garden will appreciate it, I'm sure. Gardens are fun and always make a home more... home-y. :)

Ah, that looks like a perfect labor day weekend! LOVE the pic with Thea's little head peeking over the log...

Keep those photo stories coming! I LOVE your pictures. Your dogs are too funny! Salami, eh?!

Wish we could go play with the girls at the beach :) Love the salami and hiding behind the log photo ! Those are priceless shots ! Looks like everyone had fun !

What a lovely family outing! It's so nice the girls love the beach as much as you do. :)


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