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Better than AC

Our little rental house doesn't have AC, which, for the most part, is fine and dandy with me. I really don't care for the feel of AC and it's expensive to run, especially in this house. We have a window mounted unit that we've installed, as needed, but it tends to drip water into the house and ends up being more work than it's worth, so this year we've vowed to keep the thing in the garage if possible.

The past week, though, has been stupid hot. I mean, it's been so hot that my brain has just shut down by mid-day, which makes working from home laborious. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather roast in my own house than commute to downtown LA, any day of the week, and I like being able to keep an eye on the girls in this hot weather, but I can't say it was fun.

When Saturday's weather report said triple digit temps again (around 40 degrees C for the rest of the world), Leo didn't really have to twist our arms when he asked if we wanted to hit the beach.

So, while it might be poor blog form to do this two posts in ar ow, I've got you some more dog photos today. I promise, I'll have something crafty to show you, very soon.

A first roll in the sand, after a first dip in the ocean. This is what happiness looks like.

Leo and I switched off taking the girls to the water line. We brought all the amenities necessary to stay the day, which means one person had to hold down the fort, while the other wore the girls out.

Leo mans home base. I'm returning from a brief errand.

I didn't get that many action shots because I had to both throw the squirrel and take the pictures, but I got several of the girls just looking lovely against the shimmering water.

It's all fun and games until your dog tries to french you.

As you can plainly see, Leo is very popular with the girls.

The girls basking in the glow of the setting sun.

Leo has the pups work for a little treat.

The sun sets a bit more.

Family photo!

A roaring fire kept us toasty after the sun had set.

See all the pictures here.

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Comments (12)

So much better than AC. I think we'll have to take our beach ball to the beach!

We took our girls to Venice beach a couple weekends ago it was so relaxing love the photos:)Hugs Darcy

This is what true happiness looks like for sure.

Wonderful ... absolutely wonderful photos of the family at the beach. Great to see such happy dogs!

Christi Winter:

I don't care if it's poor blogging form or not, but I LOVE your dog pics. Nothing brings a smile to my face like seeing joyful doggy faces. Keep 'em coming!

Oh that looks like just too much fun! We're usually okay without AC, too, but those really sweltering days drives me to tears. I keep thinking about breaking down and buying a portable unit, but somehow we never get around to it.

Amy in StL:

Awww, I want to live on the coast again. Waaah!!! The family photo is seriously cute. I hope you print that out for keeps!


Great photos - I may get drummed out of the knitting sisterhood but I like the doggie photos at least as much as the fibery ones. I especially love the one of the girls against the shimmery water & the family portrait is just too cute.


wow, that looks really fun. i was pretty much a marshmallow all weekend in the heat too. thank goodness for fans.

looks wonderful :)

Nothing wrong with doggy pics two days in a row!


great photos, marnie! i hope i get a chance to meet those cuties. let's hope the weather cooperates next weekend!


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