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Happiness is a run on the beach

It's been a tough couple weeks around these parts, with Leo having to rush off to Uruguay to be with his family. The whole routine is out of whack and the girls end up spending a lot more time alone. Unfortunately, Leo's dad passed away, after Leo returned home, and a bit of melancholy seems to permeate daily life, but it also makes us more conscious of all the good things we have.

After two weeks of obligations and stress, the perfect antidote was a trip to the beach.

The drive there revealed the first hints of autumn colors. I bet, in a week or two, the drive will be spectacular.


This shot makes me laugh. Thea was being a wee bit over zealous, trying to grab the frisbee from Leo. He requested that she talk to the hand.


Though, honestly, they really are good girls. Look at how focused they are.


And Thea does a very cute hand shake.


Panda isn't too shabby either.


Leo, though, is incorrigible. As I tried to get a particular shot of Panda and Thea, Leo noticed a rather large wave coming at me. In the first shot, you can see him leaping up to avoid it. I, of course, was too focused on the girls to notice.

IMG_0216.JPG IMG_0218.JPG IMG_0220.JPG

The second shot is Leo laughing so hard he can't stand up, and the third shot is my now soaked tush. Hilarious.

Despite Leo's fit of laughter and my sloshy shoes, I managed to get a pretty cute shot of the three of them.


After a lovely day, we wound our way home, stopping at a local farm for a stroll through the pumpkin patch. We'll be making jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin seeds today.


How cute is this sweet old dog?

For all the pictures from the trip, click here.

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Comments (30)

Bob (Badger):

Sorry to hear about Leo's dad. That's really hard. Give Senor` Sexypants a platonic sympathy hug from me.

Now, the fun stuff: I like YOUR jack O'lantern BETTER.

The beach pictures are wonderful and I envy your domestic bliss.


I'm late to this, Marnie, but please give my condolences to Leo (and his family). My heart goes out to them.


Oh dear. I'm sorry for Leo's loss; dads are the coolest guys in the world. At least he was able to spend a little time with him and his family down in Uruguay.


Please pass my deepest sympathy to Leo (and to you too). Those photos of the girls and their energy are wonderful.


That's very sad news about leo's father. I hope the dogs (and you of course) are giving him much comfort in this difficult time.

Oh my. Give Leo a ginormous hug for me. Although my mom died several years ago, I have no idea what it feels like to lose a father, but I'd think it must suck. Big time.

Nice wet dog beach pictures. Nice wet tush too. Picture I mean.

so sorry to hear of the loss in his/your family. sending thoughts your way. it looks like the beach gave everyone a little solace. hugs.

The "focused" picture is wonderful.
Sorry to hear about Leo's father.


So sorry for Leo's loss but at least he was able to see his dad before he died. I am at my daughter's house & the youngest grand LOVES the photos of Thea & Panda. All I had to do was say "puppy pictures" & she jumped up & ran over to see them.

I am so sorry to hear about Leo's and your loss. My thoughts are with you guys.

Condolences to both you and Leo. Very sorry to hear about his dad.

So sorry to hear about your loss.

Hugs to you and Leo, Marnie. I'm glad you were able to take a beach trip to take your mind off things. Seeing happy doggers makes everything seem better sometimes!


Sorry about Leo's father. Hugs for all.

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Leo's dad. Sending hugs your way. xo-S.


i am so sorry for leo's loss, but i'm glad he was able to be in uruguay with his family. lots of hugs. your photos of the girls are great as always!

I'm so sorry to hear about Leo's dad passing. It seems to be a sad year for losses, doesn't it? {{hugs all round}}

At least having dogs and other people you love around helps to make things a little easier.


Oh, man, I am so sorry to hear that Leo's dad passed away. Hugs to you.

I'm sorry for your loss. Your day looks like it was wonderful.

I'm glad you guys have this great activity to share with your girls and each other. Laughter really does help in these situations.


I'm so sorry to hear Leo's father passed away. I'm glad the wave provided some levity though :) Laughter always helps.

I'm so sorry for both of you.

Though I must admit that I hate saying that because it seems so trite and pointless, since nothing anyone can say makes anything better. But my happy wishes are with you both anyway. I'm glad Leo has his three lovely ladies to help him laugh. :)

i'm sorry about the loss of Leo's father.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm so sorry to read about Leo's father's passing.

I've missed seeing cute shots of the girls. I am so very, very sorry about Leo's dad. Somehow, we think our parents are always going to be here for us, but it's just not the natural order of :-(

I'm sorry to hear about Leo's father, too.

I suppose it's a good, healthy thing that you and the wave gave him something to laugh about, huh? The girls, as always, look happy!


I'm so sorry to hear about Leo's father. Loss is never easy, but it's nice to see you all having some quality family time together. That certainly helps things seem a little bit brighter.

I am so sorry, Leo, for the loss of your father.
It is good to take fun where you can find an ambushing wave and the outraged and cold wet heinie. Marnie, I'll bet you made an awesome sound. ;)

I'm sorry to hear about Leo's father's passing.


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