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History and a hike

I know, these two things just don't have anything to do with each other, but I feel I have to mention how historic a day it is, while still giving a nod to my wonderful weekend.

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Watching the inauguration, today, I couldn't help but sob with the immensity of the day. Whatever your political leanings, there is no doubt that the swearing in of the first non-white president is an historic day for the US and I'm proud to be alive to experience it. Can the day be too far away when all these matters are as trivial as hair color? Should it matter what someone's gender, religion (or lack there of, thankyouverymuch,) sexual preference, or nationality is? Wouldn't it be grand to judge people on their, I dunno, credentials and a strong ethics? Crazy, I know. I'm going to go out back and hug a tree now.

Speaking of which (that's a segue, people,) we saw some grand trees this weekend on our hike to Falcon Cove.

Hike to Falcon's Crest
1. IMG_0296, 2. IMG_0007, 3. IMG_0085, 4. IMG_0111, 5. IMG_0116, 6. IMG_0185, 7. IMG_0224, 8. IMG_0301, 9. IMG_0324, 10. IMG_0336, 11. IMG_0337, 12. IMG_0349, 13. IMG_0364
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We hiked a total of about 4 miles after a bit of fetch on the beach, and we actually managed to tucker out the herding dogs which is no small feat. It was absolutely beautiful, a bit muddy and completely exhausting and I can't wait to do it again.

See all the pictures from our hike here.

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After I voted I spent the day at my daughter's house. The oldest grand (just turned 7 3 days before the election) was asking why everybody was so excited/emotional about the election. he just doesn't get it - having a black president seems entirely normal to him. His reaction was very much like his mother's when we took her to see Mississippi Burning when she was about 12. As we were leaving the movie theater, she said, "That didn't really happen did it?" It was just unbelievable to her that anyone could behave in such a horrific way toward someone just because of the color of their skin (as it is to me still even though I remember lynchings & fire hosings & other horrible incidents from when I was a child & teen). My hope is that Ben will continue to feel like he does now & that, in fact, public officials of any race, sexual orientation or religious affiliation (or lack thereof) will be a normal part of his world. (My concern is that he won't because his other grandparents live in Mississippi & their families have for at least 150 years - they are progressive for their area but other relatives are what you'd expect them to be like.)

Mai - I think that Obama is really a non-believer but joined a church because he felt like he had to to fit in in the community & to run for office. He certainly was raised by non-believers. We will know that we have gotten beyond prejudice as a country when a fat atheist lesbian is elected president!


looks like a fun hike! and yes, yesterday was an incredible day. i think it's great that he talked about "non-believers" during his speech. amazing!

Looks like quite the wonderful weekend, indeed! :) And yes, I teared up numerous times yesterday, too, watching the inauguration events. It made me so happy, and so proud. Such an awesome day!

What an amazing day. Beautiful photos Marnie!

It does give you hope for the world in general. I loved his speech. Your pictures are magical...what a beautiful weekend. :)


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