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Super pooper dogs

It'd been three weeks since our last ocean visit and the four of us were jonesing for some fresh salt air, sand and fetch.

Manzanita Oregon 02/07/09
1. IMG_0107, 2. IMG_0037, 3. IMG_0079, 4. IMG_0094, 5. IMG_0117, 6. IMG_0154, 7. IMG_0174, 8. IMG_0203, 9. IMG_0213, 10. IMG_0243, 11. IMG_0308, 12. IMG_0320, 13. IMG_0322
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I don't think we could have asked for a nicer day. The sun was bright, the weather was mild and there were plenty of friendly dogs for Thea to play with.

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the mosaic says it all. don;t you love BHL?

so, are you flying in for the great destash at julia's on sunday? come on, leo can hang out with the pups for heart day, right?


I'm jealous - we've had the worst winter in at least 25 years in the Chicago area. We've already had twice the annual average snowfall. there was a string of 32 days during which there was at least an inch of snow cover, & we didn't have our annual January thaw (there's always a time in late January when all of a sudden the temp just soars - frequently into the 60's & the snow all melts - it's only temporary but it's a brief relief that you get used to expecting). It did finally warm up enough for most of the snow to melt over the weekend but, in Chicago, there's always 6 more weeks of winter after Groundhog Day (& we're happy if it's only 6 - not uncommon to need down coats in early April).

What a beautiful day! I'm so happy you could get out and play with the sweet pups! :)


Now those are some seriously happy pups! I can almost feel the fresh air. :)


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