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As much as I love my wheel, there's something truly satisfying about spinning yarn on a spindle, and my spindles are quite lovely, don't you think?


I wanted to play around with combining colorways and pulled out some variegated orange and pink fiber as well as some warm vivid red, both merino/silk blends. I thought the solid red would dominate. It's so intense on its own, but the finished yarn really just looks like an intensified version of the variegated fiber.


I'm thinking it'd be pretty knit up into some sort of lace. I've only used about a third of the total quantity, maybe less, so I should be able to get a decent amount of yardage out of my stash.


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Thanks so much for the tip. Tapping the spindle while wobbling definitely worked for me.

Gorgeous spindles and gorgeous, gorgeous yarn!


yes yes the spindles are beautiful! so is the fiber and the yarn you made from it. spinning is soooo tempting.

Gorgeous! The yarn and the spindles!

I really learned a lot from watching you spin. I'm a visual learner so it makes more sense to me now and I'm going to have another go at the whole spindle thing.

Your new colorway is gorgeous. I love the sheen...that will make lovely lace. :)


yes, your spindles are beautiful!!


Wow - that yarn is really gorgeous - prettier than either of the fibers alone. Either alone would probably make a lovely yarn butt the two together - stunning!! Love the sheen from the silk!


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