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And the winner is...

Thanks to all of you who voted on my plaids. The winner was B by a small margin, but I wanted just a wee bit more pink so I went with C.



I plan on combining this with some knitting and I hope it ends up working out. I'm used to combining knit and crochet gauges or different knit stitches together, but weaving and knitting is a whole nother ball of wax.

I'm also working on a possible self publish knitting project. I frogged Freudian stitch. I couldn't get past it's crotchiness. I went with something a little less reproductive. It's now something that doesn't make me laugh like a 6 year old telling potty jokes, every time I see it. Always a plus.

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Comments (9)

I was in the orange camp, but must admit that "C" turned out pretty!
Can't wait to see the combined weave/knit.

Traci Parker:

Hello Marnie,
Your weaving is lovely. My mom wants to start weaving (she is 75) and really not crafty. What brand, etc. do you recommend for a beginner?
Thank you so much.

Traci Parker

Ooooh, I love this woven fabric. I can't even imagine how you are going to combine it with knitting - can't wait to see!
Love, J

It looks great. I've always thought that handweaving and a bit of knitting would look good together.

It's not the one I chose, but it looks lovely woven up!

Absolutely loverly!


i chose c, so i'm happy!


Funny thing - when I just went & looked at them again - C was so clearly the winner to me now.
guess they're just all gorgeous.

It's beautiful! (I picked 'C'!)


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