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Styling Dietrich

The asymmetrical brim on Dietrich adds a little unexpected twist to a classic hat shape. The warm felted merino is soft enough to wear against the skin and great for keeping out those cold gusts of wind.

What could be a better pairing than a fitted pea-coat for this fun little hat? The double breasted styling adds a little extra warmth against those chilly winter gusts and a soft creamy scarf is a versatile accessory even as the months get a little warmer. Chocolate brown knee high boots jump puddles and slush in style and a pleated plaid skirt can be worn almost anywhere. Work your hat in a color that matches your existing winter coat or choose something complementary but contrasting for a little brightness through those grey months.

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Comments (2)

kat :

I'm loving your styling choices!

I love those boots! :)


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