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Styling Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is a henley inspired shirt with feminine detailing. This piece could be equally comfortable grocery shopping or out on a date, but when I think about wearing this piece, I imagine cool ocean breezes on a hot day and the sun beating down on me.

Someone recently lamented the return of palazzo pants. Frankly, I refuse to acknowledge that they were ever out of style, but I also won't rule out the viability of a kaftan in the right situation, so call me Mrs Roper and get off my lawn, you whipper snappers.


Paired with soft muted palazzo pants, sweet floral flats and a large brimmed sun hat, I think Dulce de Leche can be carefree and comfortable while remaining flattering and feminine. Accessories are chosen for their bright colors in different hues but a similar intensity to the pullover. The only thing missing from this resort getaway look is a comfortable chaise and that guilty pleasure book you don't want to be seen reading in public.

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Comments (8)

Oh, don't get me started on palazzo pants, I LOVE them...

Jill G. Roberts:

Yeah, I have a pair of Palazzo in the closet I love, love, a crimped rayon or some-such fabric, patterned floral (maybe jungle Nagel is a better description) of deep maroon, spicy tan, olive and black. Your Dulce de Leche in a yarn color of the same name would give me a fine look -- Now, where are those needles..?

Gee. Thanks, Mrs. Roeper!

I'd so wear those pants...but I'm in love with the sweet flower shoes! :)


Palazzo pants are *awesome*.

come and knock on my dooorrr. we've been waiting for youuuuuuu.

All of your style ideas for each design are wonderful. Well done.


I almost spewed coffee on the monitor with the Mrs. Roper mention.

As for the palazzo pants...I loved them too, and paired with this feminine pattern, they are a perfect match. And if you happen to have a pool in your back yard, like I do, go right ahead and create that resort getaway, grab a cool adult beverage, that special book and forget everything on the other side of the fence....


kat :

love! i'm a fan of the palazzo too.


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