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Let's continue the birthday celebration

Friday was my birthday and I put it to good use. I released a pattern:


And I went to the beach with the three beasts and one human I like best of all.

My birthday at the coast
1. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_171, 2. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_046, 3. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_053, 4. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_065, 5. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_118, 6. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_126, 7. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_130, 8. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_148, 9. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_150, 10. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_157, 11. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_169, 12. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_176, 13. February 18, 2011_Oregon Coast_182
Created with fd's Flickr Toys

And as an added bonus, I did an interview a little while ago and now it's live. Check it out here.

Hope you all had a happy my-birthday as well.

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Comments (7)

Happy belated birthday!

Happy belated birthday! (Celebrate all month, just to make sure you get it right.)

Love the eyes on your crazy little alien.

Even if the new pupster has sociability problems with strangers, it looks like he's mastered COME! That would be an awfully long way to chase him, otherwise.


Hppy Birthday! Love the pup pictures (as always) & the pattern is too adorable - nice that it's baby safe.


Belated Happy Birthday Wishes!

Looks like you all had a lovely time.


Happy Birthday!!!

Happy, happy birthday!


Sounds like you had a very happy birthday! Wishing you many, many more.


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