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I am very pleased to present my newest patterns, a set called Tidewater featuring:

A cowl:

Tidewater Cowl modeled by all of us
1. Tidewater_Cowl_19, 2. Tidewater_Cowl_27, 3. Tidewater_Cowl_24, 4. Tidewater_Cowl_08
Created with fd's Flickr Toys

And a shawl

Tidewater_Shawl_25 Tidewater_Shawl_45

The patterns are both charted. The cowl also includes written out instructions for the lace, for those who are not comfortable working from charts. Each pattern is available individually and both are available together, as an ebook, for a reduced price.

Click to see all the details for the cowl and the shawl.

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Comments (14)

Love the dog pics!!! *giggling*


As always, lovely piece and the photography is awesome!

seedless grape:

I love the various expressions on the dogs. Thea looks the most resigned, and Panda looks patient/tolerant. But Darwin is working it!

So beautiful!

They're beautiful--as are ALL the models!

These are both just lovely. The shots with your doggies are so great too - I think they are wondering what the heck you're doing to them, which is one of the funniest doggy faces ever!

Absolutely stunning, Marnie and such a gorgeous colour too!


love it all.. the pattern, the colour and ALL the models...although Thea is too funny, Panda is resigned...Darwin is like what the heck..and you stunning as always !!

Absolutely love it!


That colour is just perfect for Panda. Darwin would be better in red, and it's possibly a bit girly for him?

Wonderful work. I love the shawl !

Oh, that Darwin is a natural! ...and now the need for a dress on the beach is all clear. Lovely. :)

Love love love!!! So much!!


Really lovely patterns and pictures. And the puppies are adorable as always. So well behaved.


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