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Yah yah yah, cue the double rainbow guy

Last weekend was my birthday; one of those unremarkable, mid-decade, you're-too-old-to-care-about-your-birthday-still kind of birthdays. We're still eking by on a single salary, and unemployment has dried up so there were no big plans. We figured, being our frugal new selves, that we'd lump my birthday, Thea's 5th birthday, and valentine's day all into one "celebration." I think we managed to pull it off on a shoestring budget. Check out the decorations at our fĂȘte!

Febrary 18, 2012 -- Depoe Bay, Oregon52

D-dog provided streamers

Febrary 18, 2012 -- Depoe Bay, Oregon29

There was an air show

Febrary 18, 2012 -- Depoe Bay, Oregon16

Panda entertained us with her acrobatics

Febrary 18, 2012 -- Depoe Bay, Oregon46

And the other birthday girl seemed utterly pleased with the whole day.

Febrary 18, 2012 -- Depoe Bay, Oregon47

I guess it works out that the things the birthday girls want to do most, cost us very little. I believe they call us "cheap dates."

If you average out for dog years, Thea and I are about the same age, this year. As a pup, she was such a handful, unfazed by reprimand, destructive, and mischievous. She's matured into one of the most sweet, loving and playful girls you could ever imagine. I love her so much and am glad to have an excuse to share my birthday celebration with her.

Here's to many more years to come.

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Comments (6)


Best decorations and birthday entertainment ever! Happy belated birthday wishes to you both.

We feel the same way about our Maisie as you do about Thea. As adorable as she was, she was a little scary as a puppy. But she has grown up into a wonderful, gentle, amazing girl. (and we breathed a sigh of relief!)


a belated Happy Birthday to you both....the pictures remind me of Iceland....I can't think of a better way to celebrate...the beautiful outdoors..mother natures decorating the location...and the sheer joy of all the pups and the love of your good man...!


Many belated happy returns to you all! What lovely photos.


Happy Birthday Marnie & Thea! Looks like a terrific celebration to me.

Janice in GA:

Happy birthday to you and Thea! Long life and good health to you both!


How sweet, what a fantastic day!!! Happy birthday!!!


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