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Who's about 2 years old today and is adorable?

This guy

Darwin at the beach

I wish this were a picture of us actually at the beach, celebrating his birthday, but we are "grown ups" with "responsibilities" and a "mortgage to pay." "Lame."

Anyway, that's a picture from a huge batch I haven't gotten around to sorting and posting, and is hopefully foreshadowing of events to come soon. In the mean time, I'll be lavishing an extra serving of belly rubs and blueberries on this little beast.

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Comments (5)


Happy Birthday, Darwin! Extra belly rubs!

Freyalyn Close:

What a sweetie! Please pass on a tummy-rub from me.

Happy birthday, Darwin!

Janice in GA:

Happy birthday! Long life, good health & many more beach-going years to you all!!


He's adorable no matter where he poses. I hope he doesn't have to wear a chicken costume again any time soon.

Happy two-th birthday to Darwin!


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