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Happy birth-ish-day to my favorite detstructobot

Thea was born sometime around today-ish, six years ago. She was a challenging puppy, fond of destroying stuff, and indifferent to even the sternest voices. She was cute though.


But now she's all grown up, mellowing out and a real love monkey. She's gentle with her older sister, but rough houses with her little brother and always, ALWAYS snuggles next to me at night.

And she's still cute, in a ridiculous sort of way..


Happy birthday to my little monkey butt.

Oh and happy birthday to my brother too. I guess he's ok.

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Happy birthday Thea!!
(and Marnie's brother!)

Meredith MC:

OMG- that puppy pic of Thea is beyond adorable. Doggie love is a special thing, and it's clear that your doggies are VERY loved.


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