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Good as new, maybe better

The folks over at Golding just rock. At the Fiber Frolic, owner, Diane, offered to take my 0.6 ounce and 0.9 ounce, align the hooks and mail them back to me, complete with instructions for aligning, should I ever with to try myself.
A couple days after the frolic, she wrote me to say that they have updated the design of the smaller spindle, to have a thinner shaft, and would I like them to install that shaft on my 0.6 ounce. Well, that sounded just dandy to me.

A couple days later, my beautiful spindles were back in my hands, all buffed up and looking good or maybe better than new.


Pre-surgery, the old shaft, on my smaller spindle, was about the same size as the larger spindle. You can really see the difference now. It spins amazingly well.


The shaft switch also changed the weight. Now it's a petite 0.45 ounces. Just think of the cobwebs I shall spin.

While I was awaiting the return of my spindles, I was putting my new spindle to good use spinning up some beautiful fiber from Nistock Farms. The colorway is called "September Glow" and it's a cotwold and silk blend.


The color of the fiber goes from a soft cream-of-mahogany color to vivid oranges and pinks. It's like a more neutral version of the Autumn Spice colorway I spun last year. The silk shows up as lovely white flecks. They tend to form little nubs, but I like them. The batts are as light as air so it spins like a dream. I may even bring El Matchador out of hiding.

IMG_0080.jpg IMG_0075.jpg

Panda, as always, humored my insanity. This has grown all the more exasperating for her since Thea tends to grab whatever I'm photographing and run off with it.

Speaking of Thea, hasn't she gotten big? Her spots are becoming more and more pronounce too. She's really starting to show her cattle dog side.


The two girls have also gotten really close. They play like puppies, and snuggle up with Leo, any chance they get.


Admit it, you want in on that pile of cute.


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Comments (13)


i just wanted to tell you i've got a cattle dog too...i'm madly in love with her...your dogs are adorable :)

They are so cute, I think you need to share. The cutenss must be running over.

That's so great about your Golding spindles. It's nice to know they spiff them up if you need it.


you're going to break me of my "just say no to spinning" rule one of these if i really need another hobby!

Sigh, that is an excellent happy pile. Yay piles! (well, those kind of piles. ;))

Amy in StL:

You always make spinning seem like such a piece of cake! And really who wouldn't want in on the "dogpile"? I hope after you took photos you cuddled on up with the rest of the family.


I love when you post about your spindles, I had a great experience with Golding too! I only have one so far, the 0.9 oz but I love it. Your spindling is always inspiring! Thea looks almost as big as Panda! They are so cute :P

And what a pile of cute it is. Thea looks huge! But she also looks like she really fits in. Yay on the spindles, too. I pulled out Adam's spindle a few days ago and just spun a tiny little bit, but it was very satisfying. Those Goldings must be bliss.

Oh, such beauty... The spindles, the girls, the lovely yarn... What more could one want?

Glad your spindles are back in tip top shape!The pics of Miss P. "modeling" the yarn made me laugh out loud. So, if it's any consolation to her, you're not the only one who gets enjoyment out of those. ;)

Sue H:

Oh my goodness - that last picture is the definition of "A Dog's Life!" Too cute for words!


Awww, super sweet! As hot as it is I'd still go for the puppy pile too :)


Awww, super sweet! As hot as it is I'd still go for the puppy pile too :)

Heh. Lotsa cutie-patooties there. Jasper just adores my husband. He likes me fine, and Bouncer is my dog, but if Jasper has a choice, he'll go with my husband. :)


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