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The leprechaun and the pot of gold at the end of the weekend

On Saturday we mowed the back lawn, and by "we" I mean Leo and by "back lawn" I mean an this...


Um, yah, we're way overdue. And while the dandelions have a certain sweetness about them, I doubt our neighbors appreciated their contribution to their immaculate landscapes.

Thea loves it when Leo mows the lawn. The sound makes her all frisky and silly. Though she does miss the salad bar, when it's no longer so long and luxurious.


After hours of backbreaking work, Thea was nowhere to be seen, but a wee little leprechaun had made her way into our yard.


We thought it best to ply the lass with an appropriate libation.


Panda is not so much a fan of the mowing. It didn't help that I was vacuuming inside. She was feeling pretty sad for herself.

To make it up to her and to get the green off the demon, we decided to go to the beach on Sunday.

Saturday had been gorgeous and sunshiny, while Sunday was a little more overcast with bits of rain, which was perfect, because the beaches were nearly empty.


This picture feels like the opening to some sort of action/adventure movie.


Thea, she's got crazy eyes.


Panda finds her sister so exasperating, sometimes.


Happiness is a romp in the water.


And who can resist a sleepy dog face covered in sand?

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Comments (17)

I've never seen a green pup before! Thea is just too cute sometimes...and who can resist a sleepy, sandy Panda? Awwwwh!!!! :)

Oh my! She's so green! We keep our grass long, and only mulch/mow the top 1/4 inch. This way we don't have to water it much (you probably don't have a problem with the watering, huh?) Your grass looks so healthy!


I especially love that last picture - that is one happy looking pup!

I love the green legs too! Panda looks so adorable when she's wet and drying out on the car seat.

Ha! Thea's green legs are hilarious! Too funny :-)


too cute! the green legs and all. is your backyard fenced in?

I cannot look at any of those pictures without getting a huge smile on my face. Your girls are so sweet, and I love little green-legged Thea!


Your girl's adventures are always hilarious! I love the picture of Thea romping in the tall grass!

We'd be happy to help you mow the back lawn ... :P


They are just too cute. The last picture made me chuckle to myself - it is adorable. I, for one, cannot resist a sleepy dog face covered with sand! Thank you for sharing pictures of your girls!

thea is of course adorable but there is something about panda, I simply want to hug and pet!

My, what lovely green socks and gloves you have there, Thea! Too cute! And once again, Doogles is like Panda - he is not a fan of the gardener. at. all.

Aww, green feet!

The picture of green legged Thea licking her lips with the bottle of Guinness in front of her is LOL funny! ;-Þ

Cute! I love Thea's little green legs.

Amy in StL:

I wondered what was up with the green-legged doggy. I'm glad Panda got to have a little weekend R&R too - those infernal noisy machines can be so stressful!


that is one cute little leprechan.....(sp?)
Ha.......she's a piece of work!


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