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Your weekly dose of doggy goodness

Another weekend day trip to our beautiful Oregon coast.


Someone gets a little excited when she smells the ocean


Fetch + tug-o-war = doggy happiness


We almost lost the squirrel to the briny deep.


But Thea rescued it, she even stuck her entire face underwater.


But Panda has her own bag of tricks. She always impresses.


The birds were rustled.


The views were delightful.


And a good time was had by all.

See all the pictures here.

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Comments (12)

LOVE love love the doggie pictures!

What a fabulous day you guys had! and great pics!

I love how much you love your fur-people.


I always love seeing pictures of your girls! They are so cute!

There is nothing quite as gratifying as seeing happy dogs doing what they love to do. And then there's just the cuteness factor.


You're girls are always so adorable! The beach trips are so beautiful, makes me want to move out there!

that last pic is so. cute. Panda and Thea really know how to enjoy the beach!


I nearly wrote you yesterday to request a Thea/Panda post on their summer activities. Thanks for reading my mind. :)

I recognize that look on Thea's face when she smells the ocean. My bc-mix Woody has that expression when he's near the water too. It's a mixture of a little desperation, a little wildness, a lot of obsession and even more excitement/ anticipation.


I'm jealous!


i wish so much that i could bring my pups with me to oregon next week :( they're jealous of thea and panda!

Oh, that does make me long for Tillamook, Manzanita, Cannon Beach, Gearhart.... I can smell that sweet salt air...

Okay, that's it! One day The Doogles, B, and I will have to go on a road trip up to Portland. This looks like way too much fun! :)


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