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I can't decide

I want to use some black white and either pink or orange linen yarn that I have and weave up a bit of lovely plaid, but I can't decide what permutation I like.

I asked around on twitter/facebook and got a different answer from everyone who replied. Ha! The only thing left to try is a poll. Help me be decisive, my loom is calling to me.

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F is my favorite because strikes me as beautiful, fresh and original. It's got a clean unexpected quality and a fabulous vibrancy!

273 votes??!! Wow!! I picked C. (Because that's what I like best. Turns out, after viewing the poll results, that I'm not alone. C's are second!)


They are all nice - I voted for E but J was a very close 2nd. I also really like C & H. I guess that's not too much help, is it?

B or G depending on whether you're feeling the orange or the pink more strongly.

it's tough to see them all together like that- it's hard to see them as separate entities and decide which is better. i think printing off
'swatches' might be a good idea, so you could look at each one separately.


i like them all, but i'm going with hot pink because hot pink and black are hot together. i voted for C!


I went with "E" for the simple reason that I like it! Not much help, but there we are!


i voted for j but i think i'm the only one.


The pink's a higher value than the orange, so it works better with the black. As for the patterns themselves, they're all quite nice. Maybe it's a matter of scale, you printing them out and deciding which one has the best composition in those terms.


B! I like B the best, although all of them are nice.

Right, because polls are so much more reliable... (grin)


F dude. There are lots I like, but I'm voting for F right now because Orange rocks.


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