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Styling Lily

If you read the Twist Collective Blog you've seen their Style Notebook posts where they use Polyvore to suggest styling options for the many beautiful patterns they offer. I've gotten sucked into the fun and will be offering posts on ways you might work some of my designs into your own wardrobe, if you happen to have my same weird sense of style. I absolutely love the way Twist styles my pieces but I also think it's really fun to see pieces in another context.

I'll start with my prototype for Lily.

I usually wear my Lily with jeans and a low heeled boot, but styling a garment with jeans is sort of the default that most of us jump to. Instead, I've emphasized a 1950s silhouette with a full skirt to really emphasize or create the appearance of an hourglass figure. A rose fascinator in one's hair and round-toed t-strap pumps play up the vintage vibe. The blue accessories are an unexpected compliment to the grey-green shade, adding depth without the severity of black.

Play down the accessories for a quirky yet still appropriate office outfit or play them up for a cocktail party and stand out in a sea of little black dresses. It'll look great with that dirty martini, extra olives, you were craving (or is that just me?)

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Comments (8)

Marnie, you're the devil. I love your ideas, and those shoes should be arriving at my house any moment.


CUTENESS! Love it :-)

Wow! That is such a neat idea. I love the grey and blue combo...your beautiful sweater shines like a gem. :)

Bravo! As beautiful as the outfit is, it is (of course) the sweater that makes it all.

Nice! Love the color combinations!

i LOVE polyvore... and know so many professionals who use it for their style boards. it's an awesome tool!

Cute! I love it with that skirt!


Adorable! I *love* those shoes.


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