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All day on the coast

This weekend is the annual celebration of the day a certain someone was born, though he doesn't like it spoken about so shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Certain someone requested we go back to the beach for some good family fun.

We've been to Manzanita Beach, and we have been to Ecola and Cannon Beaches many times but this time, we decided to try Hug Point, located between the two.

We arrived at Hug Point, around 11AM, and the temperature was cool, a nice change from the unseasonably high temperatures we've had in Portland, over the past week. There was a wedding reception at the beach, but we tucked around the corner and found a lovely area to play with the girls.

0154hug.jpg 0159hug.jpg 0168hug.jpg 0170hug.jpg

The beach is beautiful but explorers beware! One could easily get trapped when the tide comes in. I don't think the girls would have minded, but we sure would have.

0183hug.jpg 0192hug.jpg 0198hug.jpg 0212hug.jpg

When our tummies started to complain it was lunch time, we packed up to go back to Cannon Beach for a bite to eat. After filling up on diet food (read: fries, burgers, ribs, bacon, and guacamole) we talked about wandering over to the beach for another quick romp before heading home. As merely a whim, we thought it might be fun to head just north a bit and see if we could find another beach.

As we went north on the 101, we began to wind through Ecola State park. We couldn't believe that we had been running along the outskirts of this park and never knew what lay beyond. When we saw an entrance into a park, we decided that this was where we'd finish off our day at the beach. Big plans to mow the lawn, do some chores and even salsa dancing, were quickly dashed for more exciting pursuits.


Indian Beach Trailhead is everything we would want in a single location. There's a short but hilly hike through thick gorgeous woods.

0235ecola.jpg 0246ecola.jpg

The trail runs along a beautiful and slightly precarious cliff down to the ocean. What a view!


Then the trail terminates at the beach, where, of course, the girls played.

0306ecola.jpg 0311ecola.jpg

I can assure you, we'll be going back soon.
For now, I'm packing for my trip back to New England. I'll have a little spinning to post about before I go and hopefully, lots of cute photos of Alpacas once I get to the Fiber Frolic.

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Comments (15)

Such beautiful pictures, and so many wonderful memories. Days at the beach are always a treasure. Thank you for sharing these pictures. :) Happy Bday to your guy, and *HUGS* to the dogs. :)

What a fun day! Happy b-day to the mister!

Amy in StL:

Wow, that looks like an amazing day. Glad you didn't get caught by the tide, that would've put a damper on your day for sure! Little Thea is getting so big and grown-up looking.


Awesome photos! Looks like you had a blast!

I love Indian Beach. I took my hubby there two weekends ago. (pics on the blog) He loved it and asked me why I had never shown him the park.

Great pictures... that view is fantastic!!!


Beautiful pictures! Looks like alot of fun :)


A Mainer and longtime blog reader here. Hope you have fun at the frolic...I know I will!

Once again, you capture the true happiness of your life with the "girls." GREAT photos.


Looks like a fun weekend... great photos! happy birthday to my fellow gemini! :)


wow, the pacific northwest really is as beautiful as i've been told. what lovely photos!

have fun at the frolic for all of us new englanders who can't make it!

Sue H:

What a wonderful day you all had - looks like everyone enjoyed themselves! The dogs must have slept good at night!!

Wow, that is absolutely beautiful! Jacob and I keep looking for cheap tickets to Portland (one of his best friends lives there) and these pictures are definitely giving me motivation to plan our trip.

(psst...Happy Birthday to a certain someone!)


Those pictures are gorgeous! How wonderful to live near such great hikes and beaches.


Wow! much envy--looks like a fantastic day and what a jewel of a find in that last beach hike. Love the last shot- the shadows look crazy!


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